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best buzz music

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ::amateur::, Aug 16, 2002.

  1. hm.. i try not to be too cliche.. but i so am.. sublime, marley.. any classic rock.. ah it's the best.. what do you guys listen to?
  2. Defintely Sublime and Long Beach Dub All-Stars. I remember at the beginning of the summer, sitting out in my driveway on lawnchairs with my friend Tim, stoned, sipping on something refreshing, and listening to Sublime. Good times!
  3. Tool and Pink Floyd man

    juggalo - for - life, whoop whoop
  5. Sublime, Marley, Zepplin, the clash, Joe Strummer & the mescaleros, stiff little fingers, hepcat
  6. I'm ALL FOR CLASSIC ROCK. You just know the majority of the music was written while high.
  7. tool
    and any techno....but my friends usually aren't feelin that one
  8. Hehe.. one of my favorites...

    Wake 'n' Bake - The Goats...
  9. for some reason, i'm listenin to eminem superman edited.
  10. i guess i broke a little of the mold on this one. I alsays listen to trance, breakbeats, dnb, house, and sometimes techno.


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