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Best Buy Drug Test: GC/MS, EMIT or DOT? Will Quick Fix work for LabCorp?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ragnar_wagnar, Apr 23, 2011.

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    To those who have passed and work for Best Buy: please share your experience!

    Pre-Employment test next week! I'm almost positive the test is through LabCorp

    I stopped smoking last Tuesday but I'm a daily heavy smoker so I don't think a week and a half of not smoking will clear me (100 pounds, female) so I do not trust a detox although I will test my pee when the time comes just in case I'm magically THC-free...

    I'm going to use Quick Fix 5.7 to sub. When I get it, I'm going to call Spectrum Labs and confirm the batch number and check to make sure i have the little hotties and that the package is shrink-wrapped and not tampered with

    How much urine do they ask for? Will 2oz be enough or should I try to mash a 3oz bottle into my vagina just to be safe? (And then have it get stuck in there and then die from toxic shock syndrome lol)

    I've been reading this thread: this also helped a little <- good thread to read

    Plus 5.7 came out in like 2008 or 2009 and it's been about 2 years, so isn't that more than enough time for labs to figure out how to detect it?

    And before someone yells at me, yes I've been using the search function and I'm reading everything I can find. I'm scouring all of google, reddit, etc

    And for the sake of knowing, how long can you store piss? I was thinking about asking someone for clean pee but I would have to keep it refrigerated for at least a week... Would the change in temperature fuck up the pee that it would fail a test even if it's clean?

    also, my quickfix might be sitting locked in a mailbox for the weekend and saturday is supposed to be warm (mid 70s). will this damage the quality and effectiveness of QF?
  2. i applied at best buy to and i have a home boy that's willing to piss for me now i just need something to keep the piss worm any advice ?
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    passed, updating in case this thread gets indexed and someone finds it in a search: quickfix works, but you have to make sure to confirm the batch number to see if it is recent and check to see that your product isn't counterfeit. i originally went with the 3oz but a cylindrical 3oz bottle is pretty big so i went with 2oz (it went inside me, highly uncomfortable like a tampon that is not pushed in all the way but if left for at least an hour, keeps the liquid at body temp) and now i have an ounce of fake pee for posterity

    just remember to actually pee in the toilet so it looks like you went.


    edit: at Dice, uh i guess get those hand-warmers they really work, or tape it/secure it under your balls at your grundle or between the ball and penis with like 2 pairs of tight underwear on.
  4. Yes. A week and a half of not smoking will make you clean no matter how much you smoked, as long as you live a normal healthy lifestyle and drinking 1-2 litres of water & exercise daily.

    Oh ffs. Don't necro bump threads with two posts....
  5. +rep

    Its good to see people who update their threads for other people! I wish more people did it haha, glad you passed!
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  6. thats simply false information.
  7. lol that's just downright wrong. wrong wrong wrong wrong

    and thank you jlear3 =)
  8. ive been shitting bricks bout this drug test, i bought a quick fix 5.7-1, been kind of worried cuz i read about updated versions with uric acid, but then i hear a lot of passes, oh and yes my test was done at labcorp, anyone with more labcorp info and experiance, i really need this job :-/, hope all is well.

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