best but worse high ever

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by punkdani17, Mar 28, 2003.

  1. I was going to a class to get my motorcycle lisence and I met this guy and we would talk about smoking on our breaks so he was like hey come over to my place after class and Ill smoke you up with this good shit I got so we went back to his place and smoked one bowl between the both of us and i was the highest i had ever been so before i left to go back home he even gave me some of the shit but the problem was i was really stoned and in a diffrent city i didnt know my way around in so i was lost for about an hour so i stopped in a parking lot and someone was parked a few spaces behind me and they kept flasing their lights and i got really freaked out it was probably the worst and best highs i ever had but i found my way home
  2. ya! i hate those paranoid high's! they suck!
  3. fuck yea one time i went to my cousins house and he was gonna score some weed and he told me to wait so he gave me his pipe and two bowls of some dank ass weed and i went behind this big dumpster thing that wasnt really a dumpster it was . . . holy shit it was a boxcar i didnt even realize it. well i went back there and i smoked it and i got fuckin paranoid because everything you hear is magnified and it echoes and there were some cars that would just stay there for a long time and i was freaking out but then i just got up and left.

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