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  1. Hey family ,

    I am new to the whole scene. I was just prescribed marijuana oils for cancer pain. I haven't been to the dispensary yet. I would like to buy decent vaporizer or at least not get "taken." I know from the e cig vaping world (I have vaped nicotine for years) that there can be huge price differences depending on what model and where you get it. In addition if I buy it at the dispensary they are sure to be double the price. Anyone have a site n a model for portable vaporizer for oils under 100$, or even an option for $50. Thank you so much - I don't know where to even start.

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    Got my new Vapoizer last week and very happyits the Davinci a little fiddly and looks like a handheld walky talky, ..after having my solo stolen from my car, look for the Chef Butt you tube vid good luck
  3. look over at Fuckcombustion there is a LOT more vaporizer news there.

    Another option is to call Randy at Puffitup and ask for his advice. He will not stear you wrong
  4. Hey there bummer about the cancer pain:( but you're headed in the right direction. I represent Vaporbrothers who pioneered the industry and have a vape pen called the vaporbrothers vb eleven pen that will fit your needs and budget. Ships free, 10% off going on now. Check out the reviews as we have a lot of happy customers and they just changed their battery warranty to keep you up and running for life ($14 replacement after 90days, for life). I'm happy to answer any questions!
  5. Love love love my Arizer Air. Lookup reviews on YouTube.

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