Best (Budget) Nutrients For Indoor And Outdoor Cannabis Plants?

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  1. Hey guys Im growing 4 Purple Marocs and 1 White Widow indoors. The Purple Marocs I will be planting outdoors once there strong enough to survive the wilderness. There stalks are not as strong as I would like them to be, I have been blowing on them to simulate wind which has helped a bit but I would like more strength.
    So I want to add some nutrients but I know nothing about them.
    What is the best budget nutrients? I dont want to spend loads
    Thanks guys, Im quite high so I hope I wrote this alright and you can all understand lol

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  2. Jacks classic duo is my favorite low budget chemical nutes. You can order enough to last a few plants through several grows for about $10.
  3. I forgot to mention I am in the UK lol, cant seem to be able to buy that in the UK. Thanks though man
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    Check out Pure Blend Pro. It is only 2 part instead of 3 and it is pretty hard to burn your plant with this stuff.
  5. Cant seem to be able to buy that in the UK either :(
    I just want cheap nutes that do the job
  6. Hello, i am second time grower, first time indoor. You can buy good nutrients from any agro shops. For my plants i use simple nutrients 30/5/5  NPK   10/30/10 NPK   and 20/20/20 NPK and for now everything is good and i paid only 1.2 $ for each. I think growshops are overreacting with all that products. I mean if you put a sign on the bottle "Marijuana BLOOM" with some nice pick of bud on it makes it much much more expensive. But thats how i see it.
  7. Best bang for your buck is House and Garden.
      They have specific 2 part formulas for soil, coco, and hydroponics.  Bud XL and roots Exculator made my garden gnarly.
    Bud Swell Super tea is great stuff too.
  8. get plant magic bloom £10
  9. Growth technology are a good quality/price option
  10. you can always craft your own soil with a mineral base, then avoid using any bottled fertilizer altogether...
  11. I use 
    It has all the right ingredients like worm casings etc.
  12. If you can't get ahold of Jack's see if Dynagro is available to you. Their Foliage Pro will take you start to finish for under twenty bucks.
  13. Hey pirate..i just used dyna gro (grow) all ghe way thru. Would i have gotten better results using the foliage pro all the way?

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  14. The side by side that HB did came out pretty damn close. He's dialed in with both his room and strain, and the FP came out ahead in yield by a small margin (10%). Really the point was that high P in container gardening is a crock, and the FP with 1/3 the P proved that. You really can't go wrong with either; you're already a step above the rest.
  15. which are the easiest nutes to get hands on if im to order online to asia?
  16. Amazon . Com
    I'm pretty new to this but I got "fox farm grow big and tiger bloom" for about $10 each.
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    It depends on what you are happy spending really. If you want to go proper cheap go to your local Wilkinson store if you have one, or any general store with a garden section, or a garden centre if you have one close by and buy a box of fish, blood, and bone meal and mix some up in the soil. It's dry gritty powder and not as gross as it sounds. Supplement that now and then with a liquid tomato feed. These will run you up about £5 and will last several grows. 
    Or if you have a hydro store near you or don't mind mail order try some ionic bloom. About £9 for a litre that will last ages and the hydro version is the best nutrient I have ever tried. I haven't tried the soil version, but I suspect it's of the same quality. Click here  

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  18. Hey gold what do you use for soil if you're not on a budget? Do you run organic?
    I use worm casting that my worms make for me. I feed them my plant waste as well as kitchen scraps and they poop out fantastic fertiliser for me. I mix this with moss peat, fine bark chips and perlite

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