Best Bubba Kush Strain Around? For Medical Use

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    Hello everyone, i decided i'd grow weed since im tired of my health problems.
    i searched a little on the interwebs, and i found that bubba kush is a great strain for relaxing, sleeping (i suffer insomnia) while also making you high(lets have some fun while we're at it, no? :)).
    What im asking for here, is: where can i find the top notch medical strain? also feminized seeds since im a beginner. Im planning of planting this now outdoor and then harvest at around september/october.
    edit: i found
    \tCali Connection Seeds Pre-98 Bubba BX2from attitude, are those any good for medical use?

  2. They are as close as you're gonna get.

    There is a reason it is clone only.
  3. thanks for your input, anyone else?

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