BEST bongs?

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  1. what're the absolute greatest bongs to buy? the ones that become your firstborn child. post pics if you can. thanks:)
  2. sovereignty....
  3. sovereignty, toro, eric ross 4.0, bc2010/2011 no ones on thier level when it comes to glass
  4. Luke Wilson, illadelph collabos, I own a like Wilson piece its amazing 13 total percs two large inline percs a ten tree mini perc and a perc water guard
  5. how bout, best quality, for best price?
  6. personally my all time favorite tube is my plain little 500ml straight tube with the 21 hole diffuser.. milks up nice clears smooth and hits hard, i personally cant ask much more out of a bong.
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    Depends on budget king is nice for a lower price
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    That's how I feel about my Luke Wilson its a one of. Kind nothing like it down the the bowl has an 8 hole sunflower design and the way its built the pressure never changes even when clearing. I will say tho roors are nice
  9. the ones that get u high...
  10. whats funny is my wasnt that expensive either. its a 2.8 ml blue label with the diffy. the regular roor slide works great for vape hits w/ a torch, no matter what i have asked this piece to do, it does. plain, simple and it works.
  11. The best bong that I ever had was a simple no perc bong, but it broke a long time ago.

    I just smoke with glass spoons now, they break less often.
  12. i have broken 2 spoons never a bong, i feel like bongs are stronger
  13. Why has no one mentioned ZOB wubblers?

  14. he said best not average

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