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Best Bong Recomendations

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by greymattergirl, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. Whats your favorite bong to smoke with? Looking to convert. :D
  2. if a bong costs under 900 bucks its most likely a piece of shit...

    naw, just kidding :hello: obviously roor is a solid choice, but ehle, lux, illadelph, and us tubes are also excellent pieces. since it's your first bong ud prob wanna keep it simple, maybe get a mini with only one perc, but DEFINITELY no matter WHAT YOU DO make sure its GLASS ON GLASS :):)


    good luck, hope u find what ur lookin for!

    edit: although personally im a bubbler guy. *chug chug chug* :smoke:
  3. Thanks a bunch! It's not my first bong, but I've never found one that I've "fallen in love" with....Roor sounds like a good one..seems like a trustworthy brand from what I hear. Thanks again!
  4. I just bought a Roor last weekend and love it, i got a basic little sister, but plan on adding quite a few things to make it original, it hits like a champ tho
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    When you buy a ROOR you definitely get what you pay for. They rip fucking hard, plus if you have money to spend you can find pretty nifty looking custom ones.

    My roommate and I both have customs, and they both rip face.
  6. I absolutely love Jerome Baker Designs. Such badass custom pieces that rip like a cannon.
  7. #7 r0xey, Feb 12, 2009
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    i'd say.. ROOR/LUX/SG/TORO/Illadelph/EHLE. + any heady/custom / inline (hopps;or lukewislon)
  8. #8 Jankydank, Feb 12, 2009
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    My list in order from best to worst (IMO)

    Fathead <---never hit one before but from what I've been told, it hit a little better than my illy but then again it was a natural.
    US Tubes

    and from here on out it doesn't really matter but...

    blue dot
    And a ton I am missing.

    and then way down here at the bottom....

    ....are PURES
  9. toro ftw
  10. I got a Medicali 4 arm tree perc (four d cuts per arm) and have really been enjoying it. Mind you I have a few Roors and love them and am getting a worked toro stemless in a few weeks. FWIW, the Medicali is a very nicely done middle-of-the-road tube.



    Virtually no drag what so ever. Between PHX's lack of advancement, old dome design and hella drag, this tube blows them out of the water. I think it comes down to a matter of time before the Medi's are in more and more shops.
  11. i love all bongs, just some alot more than others
  12. Illedelph.

    Edit: Or Tok3's bong....... holy beast
  13. I've always like nice custom bongs you come across on your travels...

    Illadelphia is a good choice. ROOR is to bongs as walmart is to stores. No contest. Whatever fits your smoke style. Perc's, ashcatchers, just think of the possiblities...
  14. From my experiece with bongs of every kind, I will say that I like simple over any amount of percs. In fact, I'm very glad my bong doesn't even have an ice catcher. A straight tube give a perfect clean hit, plus it's nicer to look at.

    When it comes down to it, hold it in your hands, and see if it feels nice to you. You're the one spending all the green to smoke the green. Make sure you like it most of all.
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    idk what ur saying i have a 3 perculator, with tree branch in each perc with 4 d-cuts per arm! with an ice cathcer straight tube that ran me only 325 and hits better than any illy, and my prior bong which was a PH(x) Trinity. so GO PURE!
  16. Depends upon what you have access to. Look up some good shops in your area and pay them a visit. On the off chance you're near Miami, Laughing Buddha should be your first (and likely only) stop. I live in Tampa and drive down when my collection needs some adding too.

  17. Saying it hits better than a PHX is not saying much, if anything. Comparing the two is like denying the spoon made Rosie O'donell fat.
  18. You mean the fork made her fat?I'm about to order a Pure. Look around online get some good deals or go to your local headshop. :bongin:
  19. If you read accuartly i stated it also hit better than ANY Illay that ive hit and ive hit some pretty fire ones in cluding my boys 600 dollar coil bong which still hit heavenly especialy with the coil frozen, but everyone knows my PURE rips people up
  20. what PURE are you purchasing OGToker?

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