Best bong out there under $200?

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  1. I need to buy a bong. I have a hookah, a bowl, and a bubbler, but I feel like a bong is worth investing in. I just don't want to spend more than $200. so If you guys want to help me, name good bongs{name, price, and why they're good}. links are good too
  2. EHLE Glass - Ice Cylinder Bong (Hexagon Foot) - 1000ml

    + Diffuser
  3. ^thats a terrible recommendation man.:p thats the kind of bong you buy when you have the money to piss away or are in search of an impressive party bong. the size and thickness make it a very poor daily toker.

    Any 5mm EHLE is going to be an excellent choice. if you dont go with an EHLE, youre still going to want something 5mm or thicker.:smoke:
  4. Check your local head shops, you can always find a something decent for the price. I paid $200 for a 9mm blue dot. I love that bong.
    Main thing is to do research. Visit acouple of shops, make note of what they have and prices. Possibly take a pic if the let you. We can help lead you to the best buy for you money. Also, dont believe everything the sales person tells you. Half of the time they are just stoners working at a smoke shop. Dont know shit about the glass theyre trying to sell you.
  5. Try MOLINO GLASS ...its the MAD SCIENTIST V.2 GC HAS IT add both of the ash catchers to it you have a 4 chamber pipe with a perc & pearls the perc comes out for easy cleaning the whole set up should run you under $150.00 check out the 44 reviews.

    Molino Mad Scientist V2 - Dutch -

    I call mine " GRAND MASTER BLASTER".. :smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke::smoke:

  6. dont listen to him..

    i got my roor for 100 after a sale. 3.2 mm and its like 2 feet almost,
  7. The MOLINO is 5 mm 13" high .... Roor is just a brand name ...
  8. personally. i think the EDIT: CRAZY turns and 8 pieced molinos* are stupid. imho. nothing against them or you starshot. :D im more of a simple man haha. doesnt matter how you get there...just as long as your there ;) toke on :bongin:
  9. US tubes 5mm str8 or beaker...under 200
  10. def roor probaly the best to invest anything into
  11. You'd rather have a molino than a roor?? :confused:
  12. 5mm EHLE ice cylinder 45cm 18.8 = $180

    EHLE diffy 18.8 = $30

    Over budget but worth it, super clean piece
  13. listen to this guy. I would definitely go with a 5mm EHLE and a Diffy.
  14. A tube from badbackglass, 140-200
  15. Look up Sheldon Black. They are made by some dudes from RooR US and make quality pipes (better than roors IMO)

    You can pick up a nice straight tube or beaker for anywhere from $140-$240 depending on the size. They are extremely durable, Ive smashed mine into my sink/bath tub more than once. Also they have the Sheldon Black logo engraved on the bowl/downstem (which is diffused with 21 holes) and the pipe itself so you know you arnt buying a knock off which seems to be a problem with RooR right now.

    I bought my first sheldon on black friday and plan on sticking with this brand.
  16. SB is fine, but it should be noted that they lost their roor license because of quality issues (among other things).

    The 5mm EHLE tubes use the same glass as, i.e. the highest quality you'll find in a bong.
  17. I sent you a PM man, trying to hook up a fellow toker.
  18. The good thing is that since they gave up their license... the guys at sheldon black have been putting out tubes that are MUCH better than what they were doing for ROOR. Maybe they're just taking more pride in their own name?

    I don't think there is a best bong for $200. It depends on what you want. 3.2 and 5mm ROOR and Sheldon Black are in that ranger though. There are many other brands too... but those are going to be the most widely available.

  19. As right as you sound, you're actually wrong. Roor isn't just a brand name, it's one of the highest quality brands. That's like saying a Lexus is the exact same as a Camry, just "name brand".
    Also, Molino in particular doesn't come close to Roor's quality. Not saying Molino doesnt make nice stuff, its just not even a contest with actual high end brands. To answer the main question of this thread, however, my advice would be to wait until 4/20 to buy a bong. Usually headshops have some huge 42% off sale or something, thats how I picked up my 8 tree Royalty for something like 187 bucks with a jar and case. Good luck finding a tube, man.


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