Best bong out of these 4 *UPDATED LINKS*

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    What would you guys pick out of these bongs?
    I'm thinking of copping one of these.
    (click the green text to open the link)
    *each piece length is measured by packaging size.
    12 Inch, 9 Arm percolator and Honey comb glass bong.
    15 Inch, Two Tree Perculators Flask Bong
    11.8 Inch, Honeycomb Disk Bong With 8 Arm Perc
    13.7 Inch, Honeycomb Disk Bong With Arm Perc.
    (The price of this piece is $27, but the site will show another piece's price instead,)
    24.4 Inch, Glass Bong, Three Honeycomb Perc
    (Also comes with nail, but sadly, no ice catcher)
    11 Inch, 2 Honeycomb Perc Bong (Long Stem)
    9 Inch, 2 Honeycomb Perc With Arm Perc Bong
    The ones, i'm looking at the most are in Dark Green.
    All of these pieces are from
    " is a business-to-business e-Commerce website connecting China-based small and medium enterprises with buyers overseas, where users can order Chinese manufactured products directly through the site."
    In other words, it's china glass."
    Please don't reply any comments of scorn.
    We all know about china glass and its "low quality".
    Thank you SupaaBaked for your advice on the tree percs, If anything, I want this bong to last as long as possible! I've added extra links that might help my final decision!

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    I would say #2 solely because I much prefer angled downstems to straight. Otherwise the green #1 is really dope.
    A dude I used to hang with had one exactly like that but without the 9 arm, we used it solely for dabbing and it was a beast. I bet it would rip green just as well.
  3. None of them. They all have tree percs. I've seen more broken tree percs than I have anything else broken on a bong. Get a stable perc that won't be so easily breakable like a honeycomb, some, shower head, ect. I would rather have a bong with no percs over one with a tree perc just because I know it will last a lot longer. If you bump it the wrong way one of the arms can easily just crack off.
  4. would have to agree with supaabaked, any chance you can avoid trees? outdated abnd draggy, once broken youre just fucked....look for a double honeycomb if you must have a double perc.
  5. I got a triple honeycomb and I love it, better than the triple tree I had that got broken in less than 24 hours.
  6. id go with #1 ... that is some incredibly cheap glass lol 
  7. Get the triple honeycomb with the nail. It's going to hit better than the others and it comes with a nail. It's glass but it works, upgrade to titanium if you plan on dabbing a lot.
  8. Iv got a toro 7-13 and a huge weedstar 21 arm tree perc. Owned both for years. Never had any issues. Just be careful when handling them.

    Hardly rocket science.

    Saying that, honeycombs or showerhead percs will probably be sturdier in china glass.

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