Best Bong On Gc For 50Euro ?

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  1. whats the best bong on the grasscity website for 50euro?

  2. anybody ?
  3. im lookin to buy and just dont know which? anbody know which is best in my price range?
  4. If you want me to do you a favor do me a favor and convert the euros to American dollars please

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  5. no problems tokin,its 65$  :bongin:
  6. It all depends on preference really. I mean, you don't want china glass or anything but aside from that I don't think you can really have a "best" bong. Personally I'd go for a beaker bottom and get an ash catcher but I'm not all too familiar with the GC products. Just have a search through on your price range and read the reviews for anything that takes your fancy. Good luck :)
  7. 50 euros shipped, I would say a Weedstar, Blaze Glass, or Black Leaf would be your best option.  I've owned a Weedstar before, and it was a decent daily piece, but is high quality glass is worth the investment.  Cheers.
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    should i get carb/no carb? straight bong/beaker or round bottom?what height?
    iv never used or had a bong before.
    i do want ice catcher and difused downstem or perculator or both.
    also which dont have alotta drag with the perc/diffuser for cheap?
    Most people prefer no carb, less accidental spillages. If it's your first bong I'd go with something simple, maybe a tube or a beaker bottom. Give me a sec and I'll track down something along the lines you're looking for
  10. It's all really down to preference. They're all pretty much the same. Obviously the ones with ash catchers will stay cleaner. Just spend a while looking over each of them, and just chose which one you like best. They all look like pretty decent pieces for your price range, although the third one only has 4.2mm thick glass, while the rest have 5mm. But if it's your first bong, whatever it is, it'll fulfill its purposes and you may fall in love with it.
    (Personally I'd go for the third one, even if the glass is thinner, because I love beaker bottoms and treat my glass with care)
  11. I'm not a real colour person myself, I'd go with clear haha
  12. Clear an yeah erryone beat me aback

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  13. just bought the clear flaming skull percolator bong shipped for €64.17,i used a discount code i found online for 12.5% discount "gcspringbreak" which got me €6 off :) 
  14. Good work, enjoy!
  15.  im growin lowryder2 and wil be harvesting this week and my own grown bud will be the first to touch this bong:)
    first grow & first bong. ill definitely enjoy it  :bongin:  :cool:  :)
    Ahh that's the way

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