Best Bong & Grinder Combo For Under $80?

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  1. I'm looking to buy my first actual glass bong and I'd really like to have a grinder as well. I wanted to buy one of the dude sets from everybodydoesit but there's only one available and it's one of the $50 ones. I'd like to have one of those cheaper ones but none of the others are in stock and I don't know if they will ever be restocked or what.. Keep in mind ordering from there for here in the U.S is pretty expensive shipping as well. The $50 ones are $20 shipping and the small er $30 ones are $12 shipping.

    I'd really like one of those smaller sets, such as the beaker one: Dude Beaker Glass Bong Set - Small

    But it's out of stock, wish I knew when it would be back in stock. Is there anywhere else I can find this little set? I haven't been able to find it anywhere else. If this set was there it would be perfect matched up with the killer 4 piece grinder.

    So.. since this is currently not an option, what else could be a good choice? I need a 4 piece solid grinder for kiefing it up. I wouldn't mind buying from grasscity but I wasn't able to find any nice glass bongs that stood out to me.

    I want a nice sized bong, preferably no smaller than 21cm of pretty solid quality, glass on glass would be nice. Thanks guys.
  2. Sorry man but you're not going to find a very nice bong and grinder for 80 bucks or less. If you truly want a nice bong you're going to have to save a lot more dough. I got a decent grinder from my local smoke shop for about 20 bucks. Maybe you could do the same and spend the rest on a nice pipe?
  3. Didn't even read the full post and I am going to say this about buying a bong and grinder. The more you save and spend the happier you will be.
    I bought a Santa Cruz Shredder grinder, the model that is 4 chamber, a specific width, and in red. That alone cost about $80 bucks
    Spend at least $100 on a good bong, with good quality glass. A good bang for your buck is Hi-Si, good glass, and amazing downstem, and a fantastic bowl. A 16" tall beaker bong from them is about 130. You will be a very happy man if you spend more and get some quality
  4. I paid like 60 for my cosmic grinder , didn't blink and don't regret it.
    Gotta pay to play
  5. Buy the grinder off amazon and you willaave a ton. You can get 4 piece grinders made out of heavy metals for $10. Just don't order the aluminum ones or ones that are painted so they look chrome. Then go to your lhs with the remaining money for a bong. Or google ssfg travel beaker
  6. I've bought a lot of retardedly expensive glass and was never that satisfied with how they hit.

    I made my own bong using a dremel and diamond bit and it's the best I've used and I own a lot of different pieces. Here's a pic

    The bowls a custom Ben Wilson, downstem some cheap Chinese headshop glass, the grommet the same.

    For a grinder, save up and buy one for life. I recommend the titanium space case, large, 4 piece. Best investment in years. Take care.
  7. Go away mrgoatington. TROLL TROLL TROLL.
  8. Lol what glass were you smoking out of that gets beat by that homemade. No offense, homemades are cool and that is a nice one, but theres no diffusion or ice catcher and it looks really small

  9. I was smoking out of a lw15 arm bubbler. Never cared much for it.

    Have a bunch of other stackable bongs with diffusers and the like. To me, simple is always better. Plus I got a lung disease so I can't rip bongs.

    Can't hate on a thick ass homemade piece, ESP when the neighbors want one lol

    I say go with what makes you happy. Wish I still had the hundreds I've dropped over the years on glass for something practical.

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