Best bong for under 50$ - medical

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    This probably gets asked a lot but I’ve been looking for days and can’t seem to find a good bong under 50$(Glass). Its for medical use so cooler, more filtered hits are what I’m going for. I’d prefer to have an ice catcher at the least, and a good size neck. Just need something to last a few months so I can see if this will work out for me before I spend a considerate amount of money on a piece. I prefer for it to be mostly clear, tho some colored glass is ok.

    Came across this one....thoughts?
    Glasscity Beaker Ice Bong | 10 inch | Black | Grasscity
  2. that ones probably fine. you aren't really going to find a quality bong for under 80 bucks. every now and then you get a diamond in the rough but ya you get what you pay for.
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  3. Is functionality generally the same for a basic bong like this except the more expensive ones are just better quality?
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  4. get something from dh-gate man. it's china glass so it's not gonna be super thicc but so what. pay attention to the size specs tho, because they look bigger in the pictures than they are.
  5. ya pretty much for a basic bong without percs or extra stuff. the functionality will all be the same. the main difference is the quality of the glass used to make the bong.
  6. If your in a legal state Check craigslist man I see em all the time here in Oregon
  7. Any bong at that price point will pretty much be the same. I don’t even understand why you’d even bother with glass if you can get plastic cheaper.

    Using one of these water pipes would be unfair to yourself if you’re using it to decide if you want a more expensive one. There is a tremendous difference between a cheap bong and one that has percs and such.

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  8. Personally I’d rather buy a 50$ glass bong than smoke out of a plastic one. I’m not so much buying a cheaper one to see if I like it or not but more so that I’m going to be start smoking more regularly and want to make sure it’s the right move for me and what I need before I go spending like 100$ or whatever.

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