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best bong for under 200$

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by MikeOG, Apr 27, 2010.

  1. I'm looking for the best bong under $200, its all about craftsmanship and function. any ideas would be ill.
  2. You're not going to want percs at that price point. So it's pretty much just finding a quality single chamber in your price range.
  3. It's hard to ask for "the best bong".

    Everyone has different taste in quality and function.
    My best advice to give you is just look for high-quality glass,
    maybe a single perk or something.
  4. [​IMG]
    Hits just as good or better than any bong I've hit, it's indestructible, and if you live in a state that they can ship to you can get it for around $160 I think...
  5. EHLE's are really NICE! really good prices. Roor Quality, Just lower price.
  6. 5mm Ehle from EDIT or something from ALT or chicokush
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  8. I have a EHLE... Nothing wrong with it at all. Its blown very nice.

    Actually a good amount of US bongs are Shitty mass produced shits or blown in china.

    You'd need to go to a really nice headshops to find all US blower heady bongs. Then they cost a fortune.

    Ehle's are good for the money. Actually they are VERY good for the money.

    If you treat anything with respect and care. It will take care of you.
    Iv never broke a piece. Because I know how to care for my glass.

  9. Not to criticize, but why choose the EHLE. over syn or HVY?
    It seems like between SYN and HVY one has many style options (beaker or straight, ice or not, height) where as there is one or two styles of EHLE. that are in his price range and sub-200.

    I was torn between the EHLE. 1000ml and the SYN 45mm beaker bottom, but then I realized that the EHLE was only 3.4mm or something like that while the SYN is 5.0. I ordered the SYN and it's on the way -- I hope I made the right choice. *BTW, OP, don't confuse the 3.4mm bong I mentioned with the 5mm linked above; I was looking at a different bong*

    On a side note: It's my first post. Hey guys:hello:
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    I wasn't comparing the bongs, only their availability. EDIT has a very large selection of EHLEs, almost all of which are under $200. ALT only has a handful of bongs under $200. SYN and HVY are mostly several hundred dollar bongs (at least the ones offered on ALT) with only the tail end of one or two of their lines dipping below the $200 mark.

    Hmmm... Didn't see this little guy.
    Nobody seems to like dome percs, but having never hit one I'm not sure why.
  11. get an artist tube, you might find something with a worked section for twobills.
  12. i got a sick GovernMint bong for 200 in my shop just depends on what u got around near u . i would recomment a phx mini roor mini or a mini sheldon black. just my 2 cents

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