Best bong for 250 or less?

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  1. I am looking to buy my first bong. I am not new to smoking or bongs, I just never had my own. So a few questions-what glass thickness is ideal?-scientific or a simple bong?-length? (I can easily clear 1-2 foot bongs)-brand? Genie, roor, etcAlso I've been to the smoke shops in my area and the selection is decent. Should I buy online?
  2. Thickness doesn't matter (relatively). Quality of material matters much much more. A 5mm high quality piece will take infinite more abuse than a 9mm low quality piece (speaking from experience).
  3. Be weary of beaker bases they can be prone to break easily.

    Make sure you check out your hemp shop first, mate. Scored a deal on my triple-inline bubbler from the hemp shop here.
  4. Medicali Slyme beaker....  looks sooooo ill man. check my profile for pics. should run ya about $230 if ya aint getting ripped off. Medicali is respectedname in the biz

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