Best bong for $150-300?

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  1. What would you guys get in this price range? Speaking about glass on glass bongs. I have been considering an EHLE or ROOR but what else is another good option bong brand or bong with this price range?

    not being too picky just something nice in this range preferably with ice notches but thats not a big deal just something that looks sick overall and is of good quality
  2. If you're willing to stretch your budget a little, look into an SGW Waffle and Sovereignty Stemline.
    Both are up on Aqua lab and offer incredible diffusion. They don't have ice notches, though.
  3. Look at some zob peices im suprised u disent mention roor like ever body else
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    do you just want a plain tube or a tube with built in percolation or do you not care if it has or doesn't have one?

    sometimes companies will have a series of plain tubes and perc'd tubes within close price range,
    all depending on size, glass thickness, custom artwork etc. Sometimes you'll find a thick beautiful custom artwork quality piece at a nice size with no built in perc at the almost same price range you might find a really perc'd out quality performing small slightly less thicker tube with no artwork whatsoever etc. It's not a scam that this happens, you can't have everything, but if you do want everything like the best of both worlds it's gonna be more $

    You do have a nice price range that will allow you to select from many. You mentioned RooR, and it sounds like you do want something perc'd, so with that you can look into a RooR TECH. Quality won't be a question there. Art work is light on most RooRs made available, but I think thats what makes them beautiful.
  5. What company does that?
  6. blahblehblew clearly has no idea what he's talking about

  7. um, okay. when decent intelligent human beings make statements they like to back up their claims and not use one liners like a child would.
  8. Errybody, calm.

    The RooR tech line will do a lot of what you want--ice pinches, percolation, the works. However, a lot of what you're paying for is the RooR name and associated prestige. Also, most of the tubes are perc'd with trees, a notoriously hard to clean and fragile design.

    Looking through Grasscity's toking tools, you'll see a lot of great examples of pieces ranging from the high to low end of your accepted prices. So, look around, see what pieces everyone else is hitting, get more informed on your opinion and decide on your own.

    Good luck and happy toking,

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