Best Bong Features?

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  1. Hey all I am looking for some information here about bong "features"

    What I am talking about is basically what is the best bong perc, downstem, shape (beaker vs. straight tube) length etc. in terms of cooling/drag/amount of smoke

    If you could get the "best" what would it be? Why?

    Sorry for this post if someone could link me to the thread where it covers all this information (Can't remember where I saw it it's been a while) I think it's out there.
  2. Get anything gridded. The days of the downstem are over. you should upgrade to a king stemline by sovereignty glass. Or perhaps a 2011bc netline. Maybe a kind creations glass - oil can.
    Check out websites like âqüalåbs and nvsglassworks for all high quality glass. SG, 2011bc, Toro, Zob, HBG, Hitman, MGW, Dirty Rico. All wonderful glass companies worth checking out.
  3. I'd get a peyote pillar system
  4. the best feature of a bong is that it filters your smoke with water and doesn't detract from the taste of the bud. So in other words you can't go wrong with any glass bong, even the kind with the shitty rubber stopper slides
  5. ?? ok..
  6. im basically just saying just get whatever looks nicest to you, in the end it's all going to get you baked.
    But I also just realized that doesn't answer your question haha, sorry I'm high

    If I could have the "best" bong, for me it would be a 2' or so GonG straight tube with maybe one 6 arm perc, ice notches, diffused downstem, and some sort of ashcatcher
  7. Been smoking over 15 years.

    Straight tube glass on glass, none of that fancy crap that creates drag.
  8. Right on. My vision of best would be beaker, 1' or so, arm or disc perc, ice pinches, diffused downstem.

    I am asking because I am getting one made. I am looking for the best features. Not the best company or the like.
  9. Simple as that?
  10. A lot of those things are preference. If you decide to go the perc. route, make sure you get an 18mm+ joint and that should cut down on what little drag you may encounter.

    A 24 inch straight tube with a showerhead perc, low down ice pinches, and a 29-18mm joint would be my bong if I were to have one made.

  11. Percs > everything
  12. buy a nice straight tube and get a nice circ ash catcher or something.
  13. Anything else
  14. Get one thats all glass man. SUPER clean hits indeed!
  15. Getting a Ben Wilson bowl will improve airflow guarenteed. But maybe a showerhead of some kind too... Ice pinches...
  16. i have a 32 inch glass on glass w diffused downstem and use diffuser beads for little extra diffusion and breaks up smoke extremely nicely and its a beaker bottom w a medium size bubble and a smaller bubble and it hits like a champ... no drag watsoever and one rip and your done for

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