Best bong ever!

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  1. I usually use homemades so I have never actually bought a bong, so with an unlimited supply of money, what would you say the best bong out there is? Discussion is fully available.
  2. its all about preference my man, there is no best bong ever.

    if i could get any bong tho i would get a worked sg peyote pillar, thats just my 2 pennies :smoke:
  3. Collab/worked bongs are best like JP, Snic, and Slinger

    Then RooR and Toro
  4. I just hate buying all these different bongs for different reasons and just wish I could pay a couple thousand and just get a bong that is incredible ine veryway
  5. 20 ft full diamond bong with 15 percs and a 28 gram bowl.
  6. Just have one made by a professional
  7. I would buy Wiz's "Louis Vuitton" bong off of him. I've never seen a bong hit so smooth.

  8. No. That is all.
  9. I take it you have not seen alot of bongs. KID CUDI:smoke::smoke:
  10. Ya that LV bong is china sh!t glass...Wiz does have one or more sick 'all-over print' illadelph(s), now those are legit.
  11. a matching set, if it exists, of a worked peyote pillar and a worked stem8. that electroformed FYC/toro 7/13 looks pretty neat too but idk if I'd wanna pay an extra 2 grand for all that copper plating. a roor would never compare to any of those.
  12. :smoke::smoke::smoke:
  13. I second this motion.
  14. My ideal bong would be about 14 inches tall, an inline with a downturned diffuser, and a 10 arm tree perc in the tube. It would be clear, and I would have a precooler on at all times. :)

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