Best bong ever made- easily

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  2. Haha fuck image uploading. Open the link in a new tab

  3. Hmmm... I promise Im not spamming you!! they are actually sick bongs :(
  4. Yeah...have fun cleaning and maintaining that piece. And I disagree, that is not the best "bong" ever made because none of them are bongs.
  5. I had no problemas. They're cool I guess... the AR-15 is pretty kick ass.
  6. Somebody is on the CCC's dick.....

    Just kidding man that is some sick glass.
  7. how are those not bongs?
  8. Haha 100% on the CCC's "dick." Whenever I see cool shit from the hours I spend looking around pipe shops and online I like to post it.
  9. Bet these things go with the artist noone is buying.. probably asking a arm and a leg and probaly more drag than a sailboat.
  10. haha, and it just so happens that the ccc, who has a strong following on this site posted an interview with the blower that blew those pieces, and the pieces where mentioned in the video, which was uploaded TODAY. Not hatin man, they some real nice pieces, but you dont have to hide that you found them from a video haha :p

    oh and im pretty sure he makes this on comission, so someone pays him to blow a specific gun/piece, so it is already bought before he's made it. And its not about how well it hits, its about the feckin' art mang :)
  11. Rest assured that the people interested in these aren't looking at it as a daily driver.

  12. bong = straight tubing, beaker, percs, the galore.

    if anything this is a bubbler.
  13. Yeah dude I definitely found this on the CCC 420's video and here is the link [ame=]Artist Interview: Robert Mickelsen - YouTube[/ame]
    But for every 10 minutes I watch of videos that actually are cool, I look at hours of bs grasscity posts and spend a bunch of time at crappy headshops
    For sure on the art > functionality, I don't even know if I'd hit it eh
  14. no need to split hairs man, you quite clearly understood what he meant perfectly well. And a bong doesnt have to have straight tubing,also bubb's can have percs and probabaly what you meant by "the galore" too

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