best bong brand for under $250

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  1. hey guys feel free to post your fav brand for under $250 in the market for quality glass and would love fellow stoner opnioins!:D
    so far ive really like blaze products anybody have the mix and match bong?
    im looking for a new dailydriver so somthing supercomplacted could be more of a hassle

    They're a pretty nice brand, I've found.I have this guy. Got it when it was a bit cheaper, even. The pros, I've seen, are that they have quite uniform construction, with usually quite thick glass. Also, the Blaze logo is pretty cool as far as dumbass bong company names go...

    Of course a bajillion people are going to rip on them for using Pyrex glass instead of Schott-Duran, but using anything "better" than pyrex just adds tons of cost. Not to mention, this is the same glass as the heirloom saucepans I have which are literally older than my mother.
  3. got a MGW stemless showercap for 220 at my LHS and I love it
  4. HOSS. dont let anyone tell you other wise.

  5. Hoss blows.
    No offence.:p
  6. SGW Waffle and or if you can save up 50 bucks or more an SG stemline.
  7. thanks guys im going to check out the sg but im really looking forward to purchasing a new bong.. does anybody know grass city policy.. im looking for discrete delivery cuz im still in school and living with my parents. thanks again guys
  8. who sells sg ? i didnt find anything on grasscitys web site
  9. aqua lab technologies . com

    you have to get on that shit though, I'm pretty sure they usually get SG shipments in on thursday or friday, and they'll probably be gone within a couple hours of posting (if not faster.)
  10. well ive changed my mind after a friends sugestion and ive really like the molino mad scientist v3.. anybody have else one? thanks again
  11. Sheldon Black. Boss
  12. A little biased here but i would get a EFS!
  13. Should be able to get an Everest Glass Works tube for $250 or less... got one myself for under $200 and i love it
  14. [quote name='"efsglass"']A little biased here but i would get a EFS![/quote]

    Seconding this^^ I don't have one, never hit one but it's up the top of the list.
    And from what I've seen so far get onto that shit before they blow up.
  15. Otherwise a Sheldon black tube Alex k diffy can't go wrong.
  16. For the price/quality ratio, I don't think you can beat an EFS currently. I'd pm him and see what he has avail.
  17. Get the blaze stemless circ to dome circ in the gc shop. It's 250.

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