best bong at GC for under $75?

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  1. i must admit, i dont know jack about all these various bongs available. i have been using the common small metal pipe for 20 yrs. looking for something much smoother, yet efficient. :eek:
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    Syn straight tube 90$

    HVY mini beaker 55$

    RooR straight tube 90$

    BLack leaf double chamber precooler 45$

    Molino clear mad scientist pre-cooler 35$

    Molino Pre-cooler 1 piece 36$

    Molino Hurricane 2 piece pre-cooler 46$

    You can also use a mouthpiece to use an ashcatcher as a bubbler :cool:

    If you want glass on glass and american or european glass you won't find anything valuable under this

    Hope it helps and fits your needs :hello:
  3. ok thanks. would like to order tonight. not sure if i should get an ice bong, percalator, etc, etc. kind of baffled right now. lol.

    anyone else? :confused:
  4. on EDIT you can get a ehle for under 75
  5. I dont feel like looking, but if I were you, make sure you get at least 5mm glass. A lot of those ehles are 3.5, I mean, if your really careful then go for it, but if your a clumsy fuck like me then you will want at least 5mm.

  6. good advice, thanks. i was actually eyeing the ehle, but it does not give the thickness so i can only assume its 3.5.

    i can go up to 100 then i guess. that really narrows it down. grasscity / $50-100 / 5mm or more / in stock.

    Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes - English -

    can you look now? :) i dont know the first thing about bong technology.
  7. For that price get the black leaf inline or weed star puncher with a inline ashcatcher
  8. id say black leaf inline with no ashcatcher. Hands down best deal on gc...... Not quality glass but its 5mm thick and the inline will defuse the smoke better than a low quality ac. Also since youll have some money left over get a luke wilson disc screen slide, this will make it RIP. You can find those on alt, id get u links and pics but im on my phone @ work...... Bored ofcoarse.
  9. yes, that was going to be my recommendation except for the fact that its sold out.
  10. Google aqualabtechnologys and go under "scientific glass" and clikc on "syn"

    look in there, great glass at a great price.

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