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Best blunts for rolling up?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by KaptainSkunk, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. What's good everyone? Happy 4th! I was wondering in your opinion what the top best blunts to roll with are?
    My top 3 to go to
    Dutches (slowest burn ever)
    White Owls (best flavors not harshy)
    Good times (cheaper than games and burn just as slow)

    I didn't pick games for the sole fact everyone chooses those or is theur go to. Ive grown out of them lately but here and now I'll chief up one

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  2. CamouFlage

    what else

    jeeze can you still get them..?


    good luck
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  3. I'm partial to white owl emerald or white peach for traditional, but like high hemps more so, especially the mango CBD++ ones. Shame I can't find them in Texas.
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    We be lovin the kush but only n a backwoods without a backwoods weed ain't all that good - mac dre
  5. Emeralds taste weird.. Not good and not bad.. I don't like peach but have tried it in the white owls its ok.

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  6. Honestly never even tried one lol. Shame on me lol

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  7. I love optimos my fav flavor is the blue but they also have silver and mango they are a slow burn wrap and last longer then any wrap I've ever used before saves a lot of weed and is the same price as games 1.05 where I live for a pack of 2
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  8. I like swishers and vegas. Not the game but the original

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  9. At least they don't taste like the grape ones:sick:
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  10. I like white owl emerald but i dont like the other ones tho. Flavor is always off to me for some reason
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    Backwoods for sure, especially with all of the new flavors that they have now. However, depending on my mood, it takes me a little bit longer to roll a nice backwood as opposed to other blunts..

    A sleeper that no one tends to talk about are Game natural leaf cigars. Personally, I love the green leaf ones. Amazing. Slow burn and arguably the easiest rolling blunts EVER! You could roll a nice packed fat blunt/cone that looks and smoke good in minutes.
  12. But grape and blueberry are honestly best flavors to use and roll with. Most don't like grape which is cool but any time i used either of those flavors they were good. Vanilla white owl, blue raspberry, and tropical twist are danky too.

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  13. Personally, I hate everything grape flavored except actual grapes.
  14. Backwoods when I'm smoking with someone who doesn't wet the blunt, and also like smoking those alone, I like juicy jays blunts, zigzag.

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  15. Optimos and white owls

    Backwoods are just too strong.
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  16. Love optimos and your user name "damn it bobby that boy ain't right"
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