Best blunt wrap?

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  1. I've personally been smoking for about 2 years and have smoked out of pretty much everything....except a blunt. My best bud's birthday is coming up in a week and he has never smoked a blunt either. So I think it would be cool to finally see how it is. What would you say the best blunt wrap is that I can get at a local headshop or some place?
  2. Philies
    Swishers ( best)
    White owl
    Prime time ( not the best but cheap)

    All of those are pretty good wraps
  3. Well if you are refering to cigarellos I would go with black and milds or white owls if they arent stocked maybe some ez duz its or w/e your 99c cigarellos are called. Personally I dont like wraps.
  4. Depending on where you live, White Owl makes blunt wraps, Bluntville, Entourage, etc. Almost all of those have a decent taste and come in a plethora of flavors. You could always go with a classic dutch cigar and crack or leaf roll it...
  5. Nobody blows Zig Zag rillos or wet wraps around here or what?
  6. blunt wraps suck.

    if you wanna smoke blunts, buy cigars, gut em, pack em, roll, light
  7. I agree with the Swishers although I've haven't smoked many blunts in my life time.
  8. [quote name='"White Out"']Nobody blows Zig Zag rillos or wet wraps around here or what?[/quote]

    I smoke them when the stores outta cigarellos but theres just simething about them I dont really like.
  9. my personal favorite is swisher blueberry but phillies are nice to :smoke:
  10. none. club rolling papers... but if you insist on a blunt green games are the shit ma nigguh
  11. Grape white owls are by far the easiest to roll and the tastiest swishers sometimes flake. phillies are nice and big/juicy but are hard to break open because they are packed so tight. i would say blueberry swisher (cuz they taste fuckin great and smell bomb) but im never gonna betray my good friend white owl. take it from me i dont lie i smoke alot of blunts and for youre first time roll a party blunt roll a grape white owl connected to a strawberry white owl you will get blown.
  12. SWISHER-

  13. I like XXL Rolling papers. I used to use swishers but they don't have much flavor to them. At least with XXL if it says blueberry you are going to get a good blueberry taste. Swishers don't taste bad but they just don't have a strong flavor.
  14. Backwoooooods!!!!!

    Let me stop trolling

    Dutchmaster or die muthafucka
  15. So overall, which one is the best? Do they make wraps with natural leafs? Just trying to be conscientious the next time I roll a blunt.
  16. I use Cubans boy

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  17. I use White Owls or the ZigZag cigarillo wraps. 
  18. GRAPE GAME - garcia vegas ---- my favorite so far
    and pineapple whiteowls 
    tropical fusion swisher sweets 
    but i prefer my pipe to everything
  19. white grape all day
  20. Nah bruh.

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