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Discussion in 'General' started by jhightime, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. Whats Up Guys Im Looking To Buy Some Blueberry Seeds, So I Wanted To Know Some Reliable Seed Banks And A Strain Of The Blueberry That Actually Taste Like Blueberry And Not Just A Fruity Taste. Im Looking For A Few Ppl That Has Bought Some Good Seeds That Taste Like Blueberry. Help Me Please
  2. I don't trust you're capital letters.
  3. lmao, BC Blueberry.
  4. i was just trying to get some 1s attention and some reliable advice
  5. im new to this what does imao mean?
  6. any advice thc
  7. L MAO stands for laughing my ass off. the strain, from BC BUD DEPOT is called BC Blueberry.

    now any plant how it tastes and smells is a product of the skill of the grower and the length and proper excecution of curing.

    BC blueberry if grown and cured properly, will reek and taste earthy and fruity like a bowl of fresh mixed berries with a seriously blueberry overtone.
  8. I know all about S1's but thats mostly kush
  9. good lookin sauce n vicious i nice at growing now after a few years,i just didnt want to buy some seeds that didnt taste like blueberry, alot of ppl say they got the blueberry then when you smoke it its just a fruity taste and not the blueberry taste that i tasted and exhaled a year ago at smoke out. i hear dj short is a good blueberry strain. any comments on this? also i live in the us ant good seed banks recommended?

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