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  1. I visit the burgh atleast 3 times a year..Bloomfield /Lawrenceville /Homewood are the areas I time I'm down we should sesh
  2. sigh.. the real truth is, for a .5 you get about a .2 of oil.
    omg how omg how
    google rosin.
  3. Is shatter made from alcohol bad for you? I hear it's dangerous to make just kind of curious if the danger flows into smoking it too

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  4. of its not purged correctly it can be
    fasho dude
  5. You yield 11.2 grams of concentrate per oz of bud with rosin?
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    just use an iron at medium settings little less really, try not to "burn" the plant out like the guy in youtube does, he burns out the.5 almost immediately only getting like a .001 of dab. slow and steady wins the race. 
  7. but what temperature is it? have you checked with an IR thermometer? I've found better results with hotter, quicker pressings than lower and slower.
    I have done a lot of pondering on this subject and too many factors play into yeild results. Everything from the location bho activities take place to the person doing them. Here are some things I follow for perfect shatters.

    1. Bud quality: The most important part here is that the product is of substantial quality, and cured properly. (as if you were going to dry sift it for full melt)
    2. Blast tube length and diameter: Almost as important as the bud due to solvency. Simply put you need to have a good steady pressure to produce fine quality bho. Too little pressure and oil gets left behind too much and you get plant spatter. If you don't want to unpack and repack buy more tubes. I like 1 1/3" x 16" or 1"x14"
    3. Filtration type, steel micron mesh vs. Coffee filters: micron mesh in my eyes is the best because of its breathability, and stackability. Coffee filters tend to push the oil out in a ring leaving oil stuck on the filters. (Lots of people say to run those filters again, oil sticks inside tube annoying.)
    4. Butane quality 5-50x refined: Should be higher on the list but is not terribly important, the evaping time is all that plays really here but I'm not expert on butane.
    5. Method of transference: I use Pyrex measuring cup placing in ice water bath, blast all my tubes, allow Tane to evaporate outside until a temp of 48-60°f is achieved then I add 95% 190 proof everclear VERY F'N SLOW!!! Half bottle to 1/4lb. Of material. Butane is forced out. Wait 20 mins. Let's go inside.
    6. Purging method: Since the butane is already gone all we gotta do is one last filter and evape the alcohol. We do so by placing our Pyrex cup in freezer for an hour, while waiting prepare a large pot of water on the stove at 175°f , and place one or two drinking glasses on the counter with coffee filters rubber banded around the top. Pull out mixture and slowly fill each filter. Place everything in freezer while waiting for mixture to drain. Once this is done remove filters from top of cups and pour them into your Pyrex pan. And place over 175 degree water. Keep an eye on how level the pan is and the evaporation rate. Wait until it beads up and the alcohol appears gone and smear the oil thin to insure no alcohol is locked in. I would soon start scraping into silicone cups.
    7. Getting proper weights with digital scale, pre weigh silicone cup normally 12-13 grams. Weigh after oil is added and subtract initial weight of silicon cup.

    I have been getting 24-30% returns amazing shatter ☺

  9. How are you purging the alcohol from the concentrate? And and pics of your producy
  10. I just ran the run of 6 g of four-star relatively high-grade marijuana had a return of 1 g seems pretty good.

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