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  2. Alot Dispenserys here in Washington prefer sativa for a few reasons.

    This current oil i have is made with top shelf dispensery bud called vortex

    And its the best oil i have ever dabbed....the head high and mood boost is insane

    First time having anything other than indica or 50/50 hybrid oil like what everyone mainly ever has

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  3. One of my best yields was 3 grams from a half oz, 3/14 = 21.4% yield, and I was impressed with that.
  4. Funny, I made a elbow of vortex really recently. Good wax...

    I have gotten mid 20 % yields on good trim. I average around 20% though. I think I have ran a lb of my trim and got somewhere around 5 zips. I believe that would be one of my biggest yields.
  5. This may raise your yeild, but is probably only increasing impurity weight. Heating your tane would only make it's impurities able to collect unwanted materials from your plant matter. I prefer to freeze mine, making the impurities such as water in the butane less likely to collect unwanted water soluble things such as chlorophyl which causes the unwanted green color in your end product.
  6. This ECSD was a 26% return. I've definitely seen 30+
  7. jimmy just wondering if you know why some strains come out this sort of foggy and some are completely opaque?
    Just wondering cuz my last run looked exactly the same where as my others have been coming out like stained glass. Not talking about the hardness of it just to be clear, just couldn't think of a better example lol
  8. Thats just the texture from the parchment paper
    This is the same oil only I let that part hanging off the paper sit for like 20 minutes like that so that parch texture would go away
  9. Bringing an old thread back with a google search lol.

    Sooo, its safe to freeze the butane cans before a run? Say you have an Ice chest with dry ice, would placing the butane cans in there for an hour oyr two be safe? Or are there explosion dangers?
  10. The danger lies in weakening the o-ring or the valve that releases the gass, causing a leak at which point any spark can cause an explosion.

    Freezing its self won't lead to an explosion but a leak might. Throw it in the refrigerator. For at least 12 hours before blasting, the longer the better.

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  11. The only way to get massive 40% + yields is to run bubble hash. But you can't make BHO that way... Gotta use iso or everclear. 
    I got a 56% yield running some fullmelt I got in bulk the last time I actually ran oil.
    People never think to turn hash to oil, but if you can get it for good prices in bulk compared to bud go for it. We get both decent quality hash and top shelf buds for the same price per g when it's an O of bud or a QP of bubble. A couple of my good buds and I get together every couple months to stock up on hash when it's around. Sadly hash Is out of season right now here though. We get suitcases of hash coming through in the fall, but the best fullmelts will be coming through soon from local winter grows. We have a local guy who's turning his entire basement grow to bubble and then making cookies with everything left over. We're so excited, he's been our bro for years so we might get even better prices than normal. 
    The last time I ran hash
    About 7.6 from 14.4 g of fullmelt. I don't think all of it was in that pic.
    I told everyone about the plans for this in the Iso thread a long time ago, but then I never posted the slab after everyone started arguing about something. I forget what. But It was gonna be posted on here someday... 
    Perfectly out of focus... sorry. It's been gone for a while now though, no chance for retakes. It was actually too glass-like, i lost a chunk in my carpet, and I remember someone I let try It said "I hate shatter" because he couldnt get any on his dabber. When I rolled it out to try and take a pic it turned to dust and I lost chunks then too... Shatter can be a pain sometimes, but it's still my favorite. This shit was tasty too. Earthy but left a taste of pure, low, acidic lemoney orangey taste like nothing else. Awesome.
  12. I remember this thread lol
  13. I remembered it too, lol... I was actually happy to post something. Back in the day I read this thread and wasn't dabbing yet, I wanted to so bad though. Things have changed. Concentrates were only a myth in PA when this thread was first posted.
  14. right, if your ever in southwest pa (pgh) come dab lol
  15. Our normal yield using 7g quality UNCRUSHED bud is roughly 1g....7:1 ratio using 1 large can of Colibri. Extract half the can, remove and CRUSH bud, replace into tube and extract the remaining with the half can of Colibri. Usually 1.0-1.2g yield so that's about 17%. I do not do another wash after that. 7g bud, 1 can Colibri 300ml, 6" x 27mm extraction tube. Smaller the better.
  16. dude wtf?? you're using a whole can for 7g?? and then unpacking it and running it again??? what. the. fuck.
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    That's the yield I get without griding nugs. I pack tube with nugs snugly.
    Seriously. Feels excessive to me using a whole can even on an ounce, then again I don't bother to unpack and repack it in the middle of every run. 
  19. I would never re-run the material back into the same batch, your first extraction should be efficient enough for a second run to not be necessary. Should really rethink his blasting process lol
  20. And then there was cats suggesting HEATING their tane... smh, this thread got real scary there for a minute. [​IMG]

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