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best bho yield

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by MountainDank, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. So I've seen a few ppl talking about getting a gram of oil back from blasting 3 grams or so how is this achieved? Does it deal with dimensions of extraction tube at all or is it always strain specific ? What is the average yield on street mids ?
  2. Where are you hearing of people getting 30% return on straight flowers? I need to find those buds :rolleyes:
  3. I wish I could find the thread but hell yea me too . Ever used a honey bee ? And What is your preferred consistincey ?
  4. What % thc is the bud? If it's only 12-20% (usual), you're only getting that percentage of weight back.
  5. no one is running 3 grams and getting 1 gram back, and anyone who says they do or have is a liar. to get those results you would need flowers with a 34% or higher THC content, and that simply does not exist as far as i know.
    what you get back is completely dependent on how potent the bud is, unless your extractor is defective or not constructed right and is causing you to lose stuff during the process it makes little to no difference.
    if your bud is magazine and/or dispensary quality, it would range somewhere around 20%- 25% thc, which is going to give you back 1 gram for every 4 or 5 grams you run through the extractor, assuming you dont have any loss in the extraction process.

    running "street mids" i would expect to get back a gram of BHO for every 8 to 10 grams you run. you might get less, as no one knows what the thc content of your bud would be, but on average id say mids would be 10 to 12%.
  6. I think people weighing small quantities of oil on parchment is contributing to a lot of inaccuracy, plus how many stoners have access to a milligram scale? Roughly 30% seems attainable, if you have access to medical quality strains, the ones that are only available at legit dispensaries and "lab tested" at nearly 30% thc. Its a reasonable figure once you figure in the cbd, cbn, and other cannabinoids and terpeines being extracted along with the thc giving it that extra bulk.

    It all depends on how many cannabinoids are contained within the starting product. A very resinous strain like a hash plant or similar will give you mindblowing yields where as running a bunch of fan leaves without any more sugary trim would severely disappoint.
  7. I agree that in theory getting about a 30% yield is possible, but extremely unlikely. The absolute highest testing flower i have ever seen was a batch of Tokyo OG testing at 31% active ingredients. I think it was like 27% thc and the rest was CBD & CBN. So i suppose with some absolute nug porn it would be possible. But unless you are the extremely gifted individual whos growing those insane flowers, it would be rediculously expensive to blast those buds.
  8. I have 1 queen bee (hate it, to big of a diameter)
    2 honey bees ( again to big diameter yet smaller then queen bee)
    1 small glass tube that will hold 4 grams. When blasting trim I get back .6 making me believe if I were to run buds, a gram wouldn't be so far fetched. Also try messing with temp variances. Freeze your material and warm your tane cans. Watch the yield rise.
  9. I have often wondered that . But What about warm buds, cold tane? It would seem this way would attract more chlorophyll but may keep the resins at a more fluid state . Is winterization worth the potential yield loss ?
  10. I would think doing that would only cause an increase of impurities, if anything.(explaining a higher yield) Brittle flowers would most likely add plant matter to your product. And i dont think that you could even safely/effectively warm butane in the can. Im not sure why you would?
  11. Would different consistency effect weight ?
  12. Never noticed and more impurities then not freezing the material or heating the cans. And I've safely heated cans multiple times. Either in a warm water bath or in front of a 6" electric heater.
  13. Does a ton of stones weigh more then a ton of feathers?
    A gram of sap is still a gram.
    A gram of shatter is still a gram.
    A gram of wax is still a gram.
  14. My thoughts were that if you took a gram of oil and buddered it or made hineycomb the added air would add weight
  15. Air doesn't weight anything. Guess if you didn't purge all the way tane being heavier then air may add weight but would be minuscule. Or whip in some helium and would weight less?? Lol again, would be minuscule unless we're talkin a qp of Errl.
  16. What would give a biggr yield indica or sativa . Which would be a stronger/ effective end product
  17. Bho simply magnifies what you start with. Errl made with sativa bud or trim will give you a sativa high. Cerebral and "uppy". If its made with an indica you will get a stony body high. Can't tell you which would yield better. Could have an indica with frostier buds then a particular sativa and vise versa. The more trichs or crystals, the bigger the yield.
  18. Was just going to read this thread but had to post.

    Please don't warm your butane cans!!!

    You will never raise the temperature of the butane, it boils at -0.5c 31f ,just under freezing.
    You'll just be decreasing the amount of liquid butane and increasing the pressure around that liquid.

    Freeze the shit out of your bud. Don't warn your butane cans ok.
  19. Now that is some good advice. If you want to save some butane you should also freeze your solvent (butane) below its boiling point.

    In proper conditions this extraction should be preformed below the boiling point of your solvent. Yes that means that everything should be chilled below the boiling point of your solvent. That includes the extraction material the apparatus and the solvent.

    The best oil comes from fresh buds (not dry) that have been frozen whole and dipped in liquid butane. NO TUBES!

    I would explain how to recover your butane as well but most people on GC would likely burn there house down with this procedure.

  20. I run 7grams at a time of top top shelf and yield just about a gram usually less. This is bho coming from the best nug ive seen in my 10+years of blazing. Ive found grinding it with a grinder that doesn't have a keif catch works the best for my yields. A quick chop so its not powder but also so its not clumpy. I also pick and choose which buds I make BHO with.

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