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    I'm all geared up for my first BHO extraction. I've researched the process for months now and have all the tools I need. I'm just a little torn on the material I should use. I'm leaning towards going with just trim... Mainly because I can easily attain sour diesel trim. What do you guys think I should use? Trim? Nuggets? Mixture? Share your experiences with them if you have any. And what was the difference in yield in your experience. Thanks!
  2. I only use nug but a 50/50 trim/nug mix would not dissapoint. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. Thanks royal. Sucks because I have plenty of trim right now. I was hoping that would do me some justice.
  4. Use the trim to get your tech down.  It will still produce a descent product.  If you have tons of trim go for it.  Trim will yiels anywhere around 4%-10% return. Nug obviously will give you the best finished product.  With nug I usually get anywhere from 15% to 26% return.  All depends on strain.
  6. Sounds like a plan. Makes sense to perfect the technique with the trim. I'll update you guys on how it go's.
  7. Yes sir! Got a good amount of trim and was looking for a glimmer of hope so I wouldn't just discard it.
  8. you aren't making meth, please dont ever refer to oil making as a 'cook'
  9. Whoops... Wrong terminology. Apologies.

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