Best BHO atomizer EVER!!!

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by CASEACE79, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. I've tried my fair share of oil atomizers (kiln, yocan, kind pen) and by far the best I've ran into is the Source Orb 4. Magnetic closure, 7 different attys (Ti bucket, quartz bucket, ceramic bucket, single quartz,dual quartz, dual ceramic, dual black ceramic (source nail attys fit as well)

    Other than finding the perfect atty this little guy packs some other awesome features. Adjustable airflow, 510 threaded so fits on any ecig, and my favorite new feature a magnetic closure. The magnetic closure is a godsend because if you've ever used a threaded atomizer (source orb xl) you know if any melted oil gets on the threads good luck getting it back open without vice grips.

    Not affiliated with the company at all. I just like passing along great products when I find them. And it starts as low as $50 for the atomizer and 4 attys. Check em out fam.

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  2. Not affiliated aye :)? :laughing:

    Those vapes clog easy, and there's already newer designs out that help better regulate the tempature you're vaping and save tons herb/oil. Sorry to break it to you. Time to head back into R&D.
  3. I'm not affiliated at all but believe what ya want brotha. I was just trying to be helpful. Lol! But seriously I had a S&B mighty and love it for flower but the source orb crushes it compared to oil pads. Oil doesn't do well with convection. I'd love to hear what you think is better. (not an I'm right you're wrong quote either) Seriously just looking for the best on the go oil experience that isn't a rig.

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