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Best Bass (subwoofer bass) songs

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by dougie3, Jan 16, 2008.

  1. So my friend got some new subwoofers (PLURAL) in his car, and he asked me to make him a Rap Bass CD. ANy good songs I should add?

    Heres my songs I've added:

    Rappers we Crush - Kompressor
    I got Five on It- Luniz

    Any new good bass songs would be awesome. Thanks
  2. Sole - Save the Children
    Brother Ali - Shadows On the Sun

    I have 2 12inch Pioneers with a 1k watt xplod amp, bridged to push 750 to each sub, and those two songs hit HARD.
  3. You act as though raw wattage is what makes a system sound good.
    You can have 2 10k watt subs with a 10k dual channel amp, but if it can only push out 1kwrms you're slackin.
  4. NWA express yourself that has good bassline
    if thats wat ur talkin aabout
  5. I'm not saying all of these are good songs, but they're all at least fun to listen to on big woofers.

    Never Scared-Bonecrusher
    Murder Was the Case-Dr. Dre
    Still D.R.E-Dr. Dre
    Wait (The Whisper Song)-Ying Yang Twins (this song has craaazyyy bass)
    Get Some Crunk in Yo System-Trillville

    ill add more when I think of them
  6. dude u want a fuckin song that BUMPS??

    Ludacris- blueberry yum yum.... bomb ass song bout smokin da ganj baby.. and that shit bumps if ur system is nasty
  7. Lil Wayne- Pump That Bass
    Dout Gotcha feat. Clipse- Dopeman
    Jim Jones- Emotionless
    Lil Wayne- Boom
    Gucci Mane- Swing My Door
    Rick Ross- For Da Low(Smooooooth Bass. Love this fuckiin song)
    Three 6 Mafia- Slob on my Knob
    Three 6 Mafia- Half on a Sack
    Yung Dro- 100 Yard Dash (Bass in this song goes HAAAARD. Be prepared)
    Young Buck- Get Buck
    Young Jeezy- Hypnotize
    Young Jeezy- Still On It
    Young Jeezy- 3 A.M. (Timbaland produced this. shit goes hard for real)
    Young Jeezy- 3rd Times The Charm
    Young Jeezy- Thug Motivation 101
    Young Jeezy- I Do This
    Young Jeezy- Bottom of the Map
    Yung Joc- Hear Me Comin (this song thumps, man. have ya seatbelt on)
    Yung Joc- Knock it Out

    Rules of the trade when you're looking for somethin that really bumps in the whip- Young Jeezy goes HARD. Like, for real, Jeezy beats usually thump like crazy.
  8. Paul Wall- Break Em' Offf
    Almost all 36mafia
  9. Lil Wayne - Tha Mobb
    Lil Wayne - New Orleans
    Lil Wayne and DJ khaled - I'm a mothafuckin menace
    Lil Wayne - King kong (remix)
    Lil Wayne - how you like me now?
    Bubba Sparxxx - Claremont Lounge (tight bass)
    Lil Wayne - Pop that pussy

    (i mostly listen to wayne so that's about it for now) :smoke:
  10. Big L- Put it on
    Big L- Danger Zone

    Please download those songs there so badass and have ill bass too.

  11. yea dude, Jeezy has some crazy beats. my subs go straight crazy on hypnotize.
  12. Snoop Dogg ft. The Neptunes - It Blows My Mind
    Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest
    Ill Bill - The 3 Wise Men
    La Coka Nostra - Get Outta My Way
  13. For all of you with subs (I know, sort of OT), do you have them set up in ported or sealed boxes, and are they seperate boxes or combined?
  14. Mistah FAB - Sideshow

  15. dead prez - hip hop
  16. 9th Symphony, 4th Movement, you know who.
  17. "You think you as nice as me? haha, you'z a funny *****."

    look at my sig haha. Big L is the illest of all time.
  18. the number 1 and 2 most played bass tracks are

    Chopped and Screwed - Throw it up
    3 6 mafia - Late Nite Tip

    any questions about car audio? feel free to ask! my dream career im mecp certified
  19. Desmond Dekker and the Aces - Just Groove With Me

    Death In Vegas - Rematerialised

    Slightly Stoopid - World Goes Round

    Bob Marley - Sun Is Shining

  20. I don't really have any songs to suggest (aside from seconding the Ludacris suggestion), but the fact that you know of Kompressor makes me happy. +Rep.

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