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  1. So I have currently have 400$ and and about 25 cubic feet worth of space in a basement. My question is, what is the best setup I could go with? I mean I know I want to do soil and do six plants but I mean:

    How much space do I need?

    What kind of lights should I go with? I wanna use HPS but I'm not sure if I have enough.

    What are some some soil recommendations?

    What are some good brands for nutes?

    What is the best way to have ventilation in the room but not lose heat, etc.?

    I know these are basic questions but I just want to make sure I use some good quality products for this grow. Also if there is already a bunch of threads similar to these I'm sorry for posting it.
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    With 400 to spend you'll need to save at any possible point, I would recommend looking on local classified sites for used Hps lighting, in my area there is 1000 watt setups(ballast bulb and reflector) going for around 100$

    As far as soil most people use fox farms soil

    For nutrients most cheap brands will do the job
  3. 25 cubic feet, or 25 square feet?

    Hard to say how to spend that budget without knowing more about that space, particularly how to handle ventilation. You could easily be under budget just for your ventilation, depending on the setup.

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