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Discussion in 'General' started by ZigZagMan, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Hmmm... Who has the best avatar? My vote goes to nubbin, his avatar is one scary dude.

    But ganjaphish's old one was nice too because I enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes as a youngster.

    Stevieponicss has a creative one too.

    If anyone has any other ideas post them here!

    The person with the most votes wins and they will be dedicated with a post stating a decree of them being the member with the best avatar. Good luck to all.
  2. Here ye! Here ye! I bring you an important message from the perverted ice cream man straight from nubbins avatar:

    Dear peasants, and commonfolk, please vote for nubbin's avatar. Firstly, because I am obviousely the sexiest male out of all others in peoples avatars! Secondly nubbin is obviousely the most important person on this forum, so its the least you can do! If not, you will soon regret it, because its only a matter of time before nubbin will have fully gained control over grasscity and its people!! you have been

    WAAAAAaaaaarrrrrnned(<~~~spooky echo fade out)!!!!

    This message from prince icecream man has been brought to you in part by tetrahydrocannibinol, available on a street corner near you!
  3. I like his too. it gets my vote :D
  4. Can you give someone a negative vote? I hate that avatar.
  5. lol I like it even though i kinda hate seeing it.
  6. id like to vote for my own lol
    can i do that?

  7. Yeah, I vote for my avatar.
  8. Nubbin's avatar is fucking scary. Get rid of it nubbin please- that guy looks fucked up.
  9. KeNNy LiKE WHoA

    NuBBiN, that avatar replaced the ex in my nightmares.
  10. Hello dear City!

    Here is my vote... I vote for Nubbin, just because of the "freak" factor....

    It really is a very, very, scary picture Nub.... :)
  11. I will cast my vote for Mayor LaLa...only because I have to sleep next to her at night and she knows where I keep my gun! :eek::eek:
  12. Nubbin's child molester is winning so far.
  13. Let's get a race going here guys! Dont be afraid to change your avatars. Believe it or not i have not seen a good cheech and chong one around here... I think that would be cool. Until then, the Ice Cream man reigns
  14. Oh no one voted for me...its JAY and S. Bob! Gotta love em!

    I saw Nubbins avatar in a white trash family FWD. it was mad funny!
  15. Nubbin's looks like Moby...
  16. Jay'n'Silent bob kick ass. I vote stevieponiczz! Snooch to the mother fucking nooch!
  17. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhey THANK ZIA!!! lol you rock!
  18. I vote for you. =)

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  19. Who do you mean ice cream kidd? Ive gotta keep track of all these

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