Best Auto's?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by mightymids, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Grew Jock Horror this summer and still waiting for results but am already looking into next season. I'm looking for the best auto to be grown outside (Massachusetts). Looking for a good ratio of yield : quality. Would like at least a zip per plant of premium quality. I'm more of a sativa guy Super Silver Haze and Sour D are two of my favorite strains. I like a good tasting herb. Any suggestions from people who have grown certain autos?
  2. Sweet Seeds make the best autos IMO, they are not dwarfs so a zip per plant outdoors should be easy.

    Don't think you're going to find anything like Sour D in auto, Diesel ryder is nice but you wont get as much off those ryder strains.
  3. The ak's are a good auto low maintinence ,not many pests and the yield is pretty good and like wizball said the ryder strains are good> the ak's are sativa with a really good high.
  4. I've run sour60..nice yields, great 'up' high, but the buds can be kinda stretched so not much bag appeal..I've seen nice results with the autoAK my friend grew.
  5. A friend of mine up in Southern Canada grew Red Ryder, Diesel Ryder, and White Dwarf?(I think) last year. He said the Red Ryders were the best of the 3.

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