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Best Autoflowering strains

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Blunt Dr, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I'm looking into Ordering some autoflowering seeds from attitude, and I wasnted to know if anyone has had any experience with different autoflowering strains and if so, Which strain would you say was best. or rate it out of 10. Thanks:smoking:
  2. So far, I've only grown Lowryder 2, but have some AKxblueberry seeds I'm getting ready to start for the upcoming season. I have had pretty good luck with the LR2, its easy to grow and fun at the same time. I have also heard very good things about the ak-47/48 strains, they are highly recommended. You can't really go wrong with any of them...
  3. about how much do you yeild from your autoflowering plants? ive been thinking about getting them but im afarid ill have to keep them in big pots taking up a lot of room and not getting alot. what size pots do you use?
  4. Thanks for this thread. I have been wondering the same. I want to try an autoflower in my AeroGarden (the novelty grow system for growing herbs, veggies and flowers in your kitchen) just for grins.

    When you buy autoflowering seeds, is it guaranteed that they are female? It just seems like the term autoflowering could also mean autobudding. At the same time, I see that they offer feminized autoflowering seeds. Anyone know if all autoflowering strains are always females?

  5. Autoflowering seeds are just like regular seeds as far as male/female ratio. As for how much you will get per plant, i believe will be around an ounce per plant give or take a few grams. I am about to grow an autoflower ak47/blueberry and a white widow plant myself. I love both strains so mixing them into one strain is gotta be good.

  6. I averaged just under an oz. from each plant. Yield could be better or worse depending on condtions. I have grown them both in 1 gal and 2 gal pots. They don't get vey big, you can get by with a one gal pot if everything else is good.
  7. lowryder dwarfs
  8. Diesel Ryder. Easy to grow, great high when fully cured.
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    Auto-AK47, Lowryder #2, Geurilla Gold. I also think Slyder is auto-flowering, it's also a very potent strain. Any one of those are recommendable auto-flowering strains. Just keep doing research, I'm sure whatever you decide on you'll be happy with.
  10. Auto AK47 would probably give you the largest yield out of all the auto strains. Of course grow conditions make or break everything.

    For example, my buddy grew some of the auto blueberry strain from attitude, first 3 plants were in soil under a 250 watt HPS and he got a little less than Oz per plant dry weight. He then grew 3 in hydro, (bubble buckets) and I think 2 out of the 3 got him well over an Oz, the 3rd he screwed up and stunted... (Never get over confident just because they are auto flowering, they need the same care/love if not more)


    - Danky
  11. Buddha White Dwarf from Attitude is autoflowering and feminized. I am starting an AG grow with it now because I had heard from Aerogarden users that it is the best auto dwarf.
  12. I got autoberry, lowryder #2, auto widow, ez rider going now. 2 weeks till harvest. 1000w HPS Foxfarm soil grow. All plants are 20+ inches. autoberry is 28 inches tall. Not so small, is it?? Mine are in 2 gallon pots, but i have a temperature controlled room and a 1000w HPS. Check my grow out.

    2nd Grow Indoor 1000w HPS Soil DIY tent lowryder2, auto berry, auto widow Reply to Thread
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    Onyx by ShortStuff. I'm growing it now, it's very easy and a good yeilder for an autoflower. They grow more bushy with many large colas, unlike most autos where there is more towards the onle large cola state of mind. They can grow to about 3 feet tall, but very wide. They handle nute pretty well, there is posibility to burn them with full strength nuts, I use like at most 1/2 strength. Mine is in a 4 gal bucket and she still has about a month to go. So I'm expecting a lot more growth.

    Heres my pics, the colas are FAT


  14. Onyx!

    does onyx come out to be heddies or just regular dro?
  15. Well its 1/2 and 1/2 sativa indica blend. So depending on how you grow it you can really altar that part of it. If you harvest a little early it'll be more of a head high. Just got to follow your trichs

  16. where is this grow journal?:smoke::confused
  17. Chimming in on this thread, I have a pair of White Russian Auto going in my current thread. Check it out below my sig. I have been really liking what I have been seeing out of the Dinafem seed bank. They seem to have really stabilized there autos. My next run is going to be a Dinafem Critical, Critical +, and a Roadrunner. However, so far I am pretty happy with these WR autos by Sagarmtha. Cheers
  18. Im about to order 8 reg. speedy ganja beans in the next couple weeks I'll let you know how they turned out.
  19. I grew some NL autos from attitude but they did not auto & needed 12/12 to flower.
  20. On my 2nd indoor grow I tried a varity of Auto's, Lowryder, etc. I forgot the names of the others. I harvested all 7 plants, nice buds, a bit airy.
    After curing, nice taste, the only problem I had was the weed was not very good. I now grow all photoperiods. Yes, the auto's were easy to grow but I am going through all of these changes to get weed that gets you (me) high.
    Was it just me? Maybe because I am a newbie? Has anyone grown auto's that have good THC? If so, what species or strain did you grow?

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