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Best Auto Strains - Outdoor

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by p51mustang23, Jan 27, 2013.

  1. I have another thread @ http://forum.grasscity.com/outdoor-...246-gearing-up-2013-outdoors-new-england.html which outlines my proposed 2013 grow. Normally I hate creating two thread in the same forum section, but this is a very specific question / discussion, whereas my other thread is broad to the extreme.

    What are the best Auto's for outdoors? I need one that has great yields. Mold resistance shouldn't be an issue as "mold season" occurs after auto's are harvested. Pest resistance is nice, though.

    Dutch Passion's Think Different looks like an ideal strain. However it has an outrageous price tag at ~$16 per seed.

    A batch of auto's will supplement my photo period grow.

  2. Afghan Kush Ryder Serbs to be popular, I grew it once but never gad experience with autos or outdoor so the results lacked a bit but I've seen other do increadable things with the strain,
  3. Yet another auto seed that looks promising, but it's pricey at $12 a seed. I wouldnt mind that price tag on a photo period plant, but it just seems a lot for an auto.

    Now you have me wondering about breeding my own auto-flower plants. I could do a spring run of non-feminized auto's, which would yield seeds before any photo plant is able to be knocked up.
  4. ive been lookin at a few autos to do a trial run outside this year myself

    but out of all ive been reading on this one has caught my eye the most for the price tag and considering ordering a few in a month to toss out in may

    well link wont work for some reason lol

    barney's farm auto sweet tooth
  5. flash seeds
    short stuff seeds
  6. Female seeds Auto bubble yielded almost 6 oz outdoors
  7. Dutch Passion AutoMazar or Auto Seeds Auto Pounder. Both hardy plants as yield pretty good. The record grow for AutoMazar is 350g.
  8. Corto, did you decide to do another grow this year? I've read every last page of your grow journals, and would love to see another. I might even dig a couple corto holes this year! :D

    That's an amazing yield for an auto. Hell, many people would accept that as a yield for a photo plant. I wonder what the average is.

    I've had my eyes on Mazar for a while, I just dont wanna drop that kind of money on my auto seeds this year.

    Anyways, its a been a while and I forgot I made this thread. I now have my seeds in hand. They are as follows:

    10x Purple Maroc
    10x PPP
    4x Easy Sativa
    10x Spyder Auto

    I naturally have my freebie seeds too, which are

    Blue Rhino
    NL x Skunk
    Caramel Ice
    Critical HOG
    White Widow Auto

    The spyder Auto's are regular, while all of the rest are fem. I may or may not "ruin" my spyder crop in order to produce a large number of seeds. This would allow for me to grow a lot of auto's next year.

    If I make a journal it will be exciting for sure.
  9. what about jet 47??
  10. p51...I already posted in the other thread sayingt that I live in New England too and wil be doing some autos as well. Are you gonna be starting them indoors and then bringing them outside?

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