Best At Home Vaporizer under 250?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by imalwayscold, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. I have a vape pen but that's only good for oil. I bought the N02 Vapir portable vaporizer that you use for dry meds but it has stopped working after a solid 2.5 years of working.
    Any ideas?
    The reason why I need it is because I live in Washington and its cold as hell outside. I can't medicate in my apartment since its a non smoking one and I don't want to set off the smoke alarm.
    I don't want a cheap piece of shit, I want something nice, reliable and wont break down on me. I hate spending over $200 on marijauana accessories since its not the same as spending it on marijauana.  
    So... shoot!

  2. so many comments, I don't know what to choose from!
  3. List these in priority, the most important first:
    Efficiency (getting high from the least amount of bud)
    Thick, bong like rips
    Use with water tools like bongs or bubbler
    Solo use
    Party use
  4. Arizer Extreme Q 4.0.
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    List these in priority, the most important first:
    Efficiency (getting high from the least amount of bud)
    Thick, bong like rips
    Solo use
    didn't need the list. I medicate alone when at home

  6. Sounds like a log vape like the enano or underdog would fit you pretty perfectly then. Massive hits on small amounts of weed, perfect for home use. 
  7. Idk if you're in Canada, but yeah. Sounds like a Log Vape is up your ally. I actually have one (the HI) for sale in the FC classifieds...if you wanna check it out.
    Log vapes in general are the most efficient non-premium level vaporizers around. Most of them hit huge too.
  8. im really debating on getting the Vapir NO2 vaporizer again since it held up like a champ. IDK. I hate spending 100s on marijuana tools when I would rather spend it on clothes
  9. The Vapir is not even in the same class as those mentioned above.
    what would you consider the most efficient PREMIUM level vaporizer...that hits huge?
    Efficiency and hitting huge is kinda diametrically opposed to one another.    It's kinda like asking which car will go 200 mph and get 40 miles on a gallon of gas.
    dont bugattis get good mpg?
    JK, i get what youre saying and it makes total sense. Either, or.
  13. With out question you have to look at the VapirRise by Vapir. I have used my brother in laws Valcano for years and loved that, had an Extreme Q and just a week ago bought the VapirRise for $230 and it is leaps and bounds better than the Q on every level from quality of hardware to incredible vapor output and is closest thing I've seen to Valcano in quality and efficiency.

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    While I don't like sucking on a plastic bag or a silicone whip to get my vapor, if one is really interested in getting a vape at a reasonable price that does these things really well along with having a few other tricks up it's sleeve, check out the following:

  15. Anyone interested in a quality vaporizer ought to be considering a Vapir
    @[member="lwien"], I think you were referring to the Vapir NO2 when you made your comment, but have you tried the VapirRise? The NO2 is a portable vaporizer while the VapirRise is a desktop--and we most certainly think it's in the same league as the other desktop vapes mentioned. Moreover, much like @[member="thegandyman"], we think it outperforms the competition by leaps and bounds :) 
    --Anthony from Vapir 
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    Of course you would.    It would be a dereliction of duty if you didn't, eh?

  17. Why? what in the world has your company done to make its self one of the better vapes in that price range?
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    Well PH, over at the Vapir corporate site, they devoted a whole page titled, "Vaporizer Comparisons", so I checked it out and this is what is on there:[​IMG]
    This is sooooo wrong on so many different levels.
    First off, they are comparing a portable, the NO2 to a Silver Surfer?   WTF is up with THAT?
    Secondly, the only portable that they compare themselves against is the Iolite.    WTF is up with that considering how many other GREAT portables there are on the market.   If you're going to devote a whole page to a vaporizer comparison, then do a fracking comparison from a good cross-section of the portable market and for Gods sake, leave out desktops.   lol
    And then they tout having a brass heating element as a good thing when we know that brass contains lead and yet that is supposed to be better than the ceramic heating element in the Silver Surfer?
  19. Maybe it is like the indiegogo for the Evoke where the act like the only other portables on the market are ecigs? Its a lot easier to beef up your vaporizer when you compare it with junk or vaporizers of a different category.
  20. And then, on the same page, they follow it up with this:
    Implying that a "pure" brass heating element is better than a glass on glass heating chamber or that butane is somehow universally inferior to other heating methods, and then to add insult to injury, they have "lowest pricing" for the NO2 implying that it is the lowest price portable of any quality on the market which is also totally bogus.

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