Best Anime Ever !!???

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  1. I think getting really stoned and watching anime is pretty damn fun.. and I am thinking of getting some tonight and doing just that.. What are your favorite anime movies or shows..? What do you think is the best anime show or movie ever???

  2. Akira is god among all anime.
  3. you think so? I definetly do, right on brother.. LONG LIVE LORD AKIRA
  4. Have you read the manga? I deffinatly recommend it.
  5. Akira, Princess Manonoke, Hellsing, FLCL
  6. Uh...Hellsing, Angel Sactuary, Ghost in the Shell, DBZ, Tenchi Muyo, Samurai X, and Inuyasha can be ok at times
  7. I'm not too well-versed in anime, but Jin Ro: The Wolf Brigade is excellent. I don't know that you would want to watch it during a baking session though, it's very violent, dark, and dystopian.
  8. I'm personally not one for anime, but I will say this: When I went to see ATHF:MFFT the preview for Paprika AMAZED ME! It looked like the greatest cinematic event ever, the movie looked so good and dreamlike and everything, it was crazy. Of cours now I can't find it for the life of me, I don't even know when/if it comes out.
    I listen to a lot of Gorillaz (obviously) when high, and Castle in the Sky inspired them a lot, especially el Manana and the video, so I watched it, and it was great, especially the beginning when the producer or whatever guy was telling me how much he loved the movie and what a treat I was in for and told me to have a good time. It was sweet.
    As for graphic stuff, besides Paprika and Castle in the Sky type things, I'm not a fan of real anime, but the Sandman series of graphic novels; certainly among the greatest things I've ever absorbed from any medium, sober or high.
  9. Blue sub no. 6 , Appleseed, and Ninja Scroll are my top 3.
  10. Ninja Scroll or Ghost in the Shell (the movie)
    I guess ghost in the shell because it really makes you think about your existence
  11. Hmm I haven't watched anime in a while but thinking back heres some of my faviorts.

    Record of the lodoss wars
    Samurai X
    Samurai 7
    Cow Boy Be-bop
    Samurai Champloo
    Princess Manonoke

    All I can think of, all of those where great ones.
  12. case closed because that goddamn kid could fukin put together the most fukin impossible case ever in like .5 seconds
  13. GIS: Stand Alone Complex was really good. The Laughing Man was the shit.

    FlCl is amazing. I think it may be the best.

    Anything by Miyazaki. He's a genious.

    Of course, Bebop, Champloo, etc.
  14. great posts guys.. I decided to watch Akira the movie... It was mind blowing, I reccomend it to all of you, smoke a blunt, watch Akira..
  15. i personally like naruto, i find bleach pretty cool as well.
  16. damn kids...
    Hokuto No ken
    is so beast should watch it some old school anime.
    ouran high school host club xD
    well my faves :D
  17. The meloncoly of Haruhi Suzumiya

    the most confusing show i have EVER watched
  18. im sure im gonna get major shit obviously becuz nobody has said anything about it but i love sure u all think its lame but watevs its a sweet show to me
  19. hahaha scrub..
    i didnt have to watched it..
    and i knew how it was and is..
    i hate that anime with like a burning sensation

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