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Discussion in 'Pets' started by TheAtmansPath, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Which animals would you most want as a pet?

    Probably a monkey or a sloth


  2. I was just thinking a sloth! that would be awesome i love sloths lol. but having a cheetah or chinchilla would be cool too
  3. I'm pretty content with my beagle and tiger pussy I got now. No matter how cool or exotic of an animal I could find, they couldn't replace my boys.
  4. In my furniture delivery days, I used to see some people with awesome pets. One guy had a monkey that he dressed up and dedicated a whole room to. It was pretty awesome.

    Another guy had a lion. Like a fully grown lion in a huge cage in his backyard. He said he got it as a cub and his dog used to beat up on it, and in adulthood the lion still thinks the dog can beat it up. Apparently when playing the lion occasionally swats the dog across the room by accident haha.
  5. Sloth would kick ass.
  6. a motherfuckin lion

    "you can get past a dog but nobody fucks with a lion"-dante(grandma's boy)
  7. Squirrel or gecko
  8. Ferrets


    Lyre bird (teach it all sorts of crazy sounds/words lol)
  9. You should get a rat!

    Theyre so cool to train!
  10. I vote sloth.
  11. Oh or a Squirrel! I saw this video and some guy had a squirrel.

    So also a squirrel .

    Or a red panda :D [​IMG]
  12. Those little pistol shrimp and pokemon looking blue sea slugs, both would be cool..
  13. [ame][/ame]
  14. I love dogs I'm happy with my black lab, and kind of dog is awesome if you treat them right.

    A sloth would be kinda chill I guess.

    I want a shark though or some exotic fish, I used to live in Virginia and there was this exotic pet store that had sharks for sale and those lion fish.
  15. American Stafford Shire Terrier... hands down . Or really any pit bull breed is a GREAT pet. Most loyal and affectionate.
  16. I love sloths.

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