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best and worst smoking memories.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rollindablunt, Nov 16, 2011.

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    what was your best smoking memory and what was your worst?
    Best-i was with my friend and we broke into this camper and smoked all day and chilled we went back many times and one day it was gone owners probly got pissed we left the tabacco from the blunts on the floor

    Worst-me and a friend smoked in this abandoned house and he threw a roach on the floor on the way out and when i woke up the house was on the local news and it burnt down i was paranoid as fuck

    where where you the first time you smoked?in my cousins garage
    first person you ever smoked with?
    -My cousin smoked with me when i was13 and ive been at it ever since

    most awkward smoke sesh?
    - i had a half blunt and i went to a local store with my cuz to work and this dude i sold to one time asked me if i had any bud and i told him i only had what i was smokin he asked if he could have some i said sure dude fuckin inhaled the blunt whole i was pissed then he started cryin and was like i havent smoked in almost 12 hours i was like uh yeah man then i walked in the front room of the store
  2. "FORMAT"
    what was your best smoking memory and what was your worst?
    where where you the first time you smoked?
    first person you ever smoked with?
    most awkward smoke sesh?
  3. Breaking in to smoke weed. Burning down a barn. Inhaling a whole blunt. Sounds like...
  4. Worst- Getting high at a party+edibles and getting scared as fuck. The party was like a upscale house party, so they had some fancy lights going, very loud music, etc. At first I was enjoying myself, hitting on girls, etc., but shit starts hitting the fan fast when the effects start to take place.

    I am grinding on a hot girl and the lights slowly start to draw my attention. Then it just becomes overwhelming. Between dancing, lights, music. I literally stop moving, and then try and find my way out of there. My heart was pounding like crazy, and I'm fighting my way through the light and crowds; since everything is slow+trailing the crowd looked like a mess of clothes+blue light.

    I finally got out and calmed myself down. But that sucked.

    Best- Just smoking under this beutiful white willow right next to a lake. I can't even describe it.
  5. Best- Reading Hitchikers guide to the galaxy
    Worst- Getting super baked then running into the parents 5 minutes later at the movie theater
    where where you the first time you smoked? Friends house party
    first person you ever smoked with? Friend named will
    most awkward smoke sesh? when i smoke with my friends and they try and hit on girls
  6. what was your best smoking memory and what was your worst?
    Best- smoking with my friends sister and making out on her roof then being to high to jump off so we slept together on the roof
    Worst- when i was 13 my first time was with high-grade so i tripped the fuck out
    where where you the first time you smoked?
    just posted above
    first person you ever smoked with?
    my friends..... i repeat
    most awkward smoke sesh?
  7. Best- Getting Blazed Out With An OZ On My Birthday .

    Worst- Faded With My Ex -___________-

    where where you the first time you smoked? In A Tree At A Park Haha .

    first person you ever smoked with? 3 Of My Old High School Buddies My Freshman Year .

    most awkward smoke sesh? Probably When I Got Really Medicated And My Crush Walked In , Good Times :)
  8. what was your best smoking memory and what was your worst?

    Best- Rolling up 33 joints for a Mac Miller concert last week in Vegas with my 2 best friends.

    Worst- My parents left town for a couple days and me and my friends were high from the moment they left. We came back from a food run to find they came home early. My friends dipped and I had to try to act un high and hope I don't smell when we had just smoked 4 bowls between 4 heads not 5 minutes earlier.

    where where you the first time you smoked?
    At my best friend's house with his older bro.. I wasn't inhaling so he told me to just suck in and he'll do the carb and light the bowl. I coughed for 10 minutes but I will never forget that high.

    first person you ever smoked with?
    Best Friends older bro and his friends.. But I went home before I even got high.. So I smoked with them but was high by myself the rest of the night. Hella creeper weed.

    most awkward smoke sesh?
    Smoking in my buddy's new house.. His mom came to visit mid bong toke... Fuck that I coughed my lung out while she was pullin her hair out.

  9. lol, same thing happened with me and my ex, but that was not bad. just really awkward.
  10. Best- How high I got on my first few times.
    Worst- The one time I greened out.
    Where where you the first time you smoked? In my friend's room.
    First person you ever smoked with? A buddy of mine I met in kindergarten.
    Most awkward smoke sesh? Can't really think of an awkward sesh...
  11. Best- Smoking weed in my friend's washing room with this really hot stoner girl. She did end up accidentally breaking my new glass bong, but it was okay, cause she was hot as shit. I think that was actually the first and only time I smoked with a girl. And that's because I typically smoke by myself
    Worst- First time I hit out of a gravity bong. I was still a n00by smoker, and I was smoking Lemon Kush, 4 minutes felt like 4 days, I was getting really paranoid so I walked like a mile back home like a retard, scared as fuck.
    where where you the first time you smoked?
    I think it was my friend's back yard.
    first person you ever smoked with?
    My pals Jason, Tristen and Aaron.
    most awkward smoke sesh?
    pretty much any smoke session where I smoked with people I didn't really know, or had a completely different personality than me.
  12. Best: Smoking up with my bf before going into a cave were we hiked the most slippery rocks i have ever been on, it was a shit load of fun though :)
    Worst: Being high and opening up to my bf about how i felt the relationship was going, saying that i didnt want him to be with me just cause its comfortable or easy. He asked for a "break" the next day, which was 3 days before my birthday. Luckily, we worked things out and are happy :)
  13. [quote name='"hippie4u"']Breaking in to smoke weed. Burning down a barn. Inhaling a whole blunt. Sounds like...[/quote]

    A cool story , bro
  14. Best, a pound of that good 'ol Mary Jane 2 bitches, me and my bro. One hotel room. And a hotel full of kids drinking and smokin.. sounds good? Well the next day a khalifa concert...yea...
  15. Best-The best time iv'e ever had smoking was recently @ my bro's house
    Rolled mad blunts, Packed mad bowls, Smoked hookah & Mad bitches came over.
    Fucked one of em and she smoked me out! :devious:

    Worst-The worst time was a x-mas party my sophomore year! Smoke something like 2 zips between me and 3 homies, ended up greenin' out!

    where were you the first time you smoked?My old high school buddy's house his parents when on vacation and he got a zip and sold me 3.7 for $5. Smoked that in 2 blunts just him and me. Oh My Gossssssh I was Stonie Bologna (Baloney!)
    Never gonna forget that day!

    first person you ever smoked with?My childhood friend dave.

    most awkward smoke sesh?My boys house was open, we rolled about 7 optimos and smoked 6 in the garage & we were smoking the last one out back, when we hear the garage door open, his mom came out back mad as fuck! hahaha 10 minutes later they invite me to dinner! That dinner was the shit! :smoke:
  16. Best- everytime I smoke. Nothing stands out because everytime is a good time.
    Worst- I hit a 1g GBong and was told i had to inhale all 1g. I did, puked, and then proceeded to have a gnarly out of body experience which freaked me the fuck out. This was like my 5th time smoking.
  17. Best- Last day of school, me and about 10 close friends go to the beach and smoked blunt after blunt, wasn't the highest i've ever been, but it was the last time I kicked it with most of them.

    Worst- I went to pick up an eighth at my dealers house. and when he opens his door the dude is trippin out on like 2 stamps and some other research chemical shit. he offers me to match up for free just to keep him company for a bit. He had a ton of bud, so I agreed. A couple of doobies later, i'm thinking " I usually probably ride out soon, this guy is starting to sketch me out" So i'm gathering my eighth and all my shit together when i hear this woman ranting in spanish in the living room i go "who the FUCK is that?" and the guy is buggin out and couldn't even understand what I was asking him. so i go out quickly to the living room and the lady sees me starts screaming at me, i bolt out the door, and cops pull up and tell me to put "your fucking hands in the air". turns out it was his MOM who called 5-0 on her own son. I got probation, the guy is doing good time for distribution of multiple substances.

    where were you the first time you smoked?
    At my house the day of 5th grade graduation lol

    first person you ever smoked with?
    My long-time family friend and neighbor.

    most awkward smoke sesh?

    Me & two friends were smoking at ones house when he invites a couple of chicks (One was my ex-girlfriend who I was along the lines of getting back together with) We had already blazed a good amount, and so they arrive and the girl I had a thing with brings this fucking puppy and i'm just like 'wtf' we ask if they wanna smoke & they agree, so we go to my friends tiny shed to hotbox and the girl decides to bring the puppy inside. the puppy got high as fuuck, and the girl wasn't even inhaling right. lol we go kick it in the living room for awhile and i just know that this girl was waiting for me to hookup with her, but i was too baked and thought she was such a buzzkill for bringing the trippy ass puppy and wasting THC. 2 long hours of awkwardness.

  18. Holy shit that "worst" story is insane. What bad luck.
  19. what was your best smoking memory and what was your worst?
    Best- My best memories were hotboxing joints in the bathroom with my cousin on vacation every single night. I'm hoping to make even nicer memories this 4/20 :)

    Worst- I was trying to show off how indestructible my "incredibowl m420" was so I was throwing it in the air and it landed on my table and the bowl broke... Yeah, irony sucks.
    where where you the first time you smoked? apartment porch
    first person you ever smoked with? roommate
    most awkward smoke sesh? smoked with this one bitch for the first time (we've never smoked together and we sorta just met) and she was using my bong. I was high as hell so I wasn't too social with her so I didn't really introduce myself. Well, we smoked out of the bong but she would not be able to ever clear the bong (I admit our's hits kinda chunky) and would be coughing up her lungs or some shit so I would have to clear that nasty ass smoke of hers and then light my own hit.
  20. My best smoking memory would be when me and two of my best friends at the time were hotboxing a closet in a abandoned house in my neighborhood. I forgot what the occasion was but we ended up getting a eighth of some dank bud. We probably smoked about half of the eighth before we ended our hotbox haha. We were still relatively newbie smokers so we were completed stones out of our minds, I couldn't even walk out of the closet I had to crawl haha.

    My worst smoking experience was this one time me and my same two bestfriends smoked out of one of their gigantic gravity bongs. His gravity bong was made out of one the giant plastic containers you can buy cheesy puffs or pretzels in at Costco and a pen tube as a mouth piece, with a socket as a bowl. I knew I shouldn't of smoked this day I already threw up that same morning from bad Del Taco and it was a super hot summer day getting well into the 100's (Las Vegas, NV). After already throwing up a few times that day I went to go smoke with some friends because I felt fine afterwards. We went to my friends house and he set up his gigantic gravity bong. We probably had around 1.3 grams of bud and smoked all of it in one session out of the GB. I'm not sure how many hits it was, but I was way to high and ended up throwing up all over my friends patio. After throwing up me and my friend left his house and went and sat in a tunnel leading into a local wash because I still wasn't feeling well. After a few minutes of sitting in the heat I started throwing up again and the worst part was that I threw up on a slight incline so all of my vomit (which was like water by now) came back at me. After this I decided to go home where I ended up nearly passing out in my shower, but I ended up making it long enough to get into bed. I woke up to find a few aspirin and a tall glass of water waiting on the table in my room haha.

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