Best and worst of the decade 2000-2010

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  1. Well blades here we are at the end of another decade. We started off in a pretty good place and now the world has been looking a bit grim as the decade draws to an end(Bad economy, two wars and so on and so forth.) There have been positive things about this decade too but they have been far and few in between.

    For me the best thing is how much technology has progressed in the past ten years its pretty hard to imagine we were booting up our windows 2000 or 98 machines and connecting through a phone line to use the internet.

    So blades what was the Best and worse things for you this decade? It can be personal triumphs and let downs or things all of us have experienced

    PS. Music this decade has sucked so bad i don't even know how we are going to top the suckiness next decade around.
  2. hmmm. id say the best thing of this decade has been... wintersun. nuff said.
  3. Exhibit A of my last statement :D
  4. Well, technology is ever increasing. I suppose we could look at that and count this decade as a win. The green movement, even if somewhat misguided, is still a good idea. I know I'd rather breathe clean air than smog, regardless of the long term impact on the planet.
  5. Well, the Y2K bug never happened...that's a start...

  6. Haha, maybe, if Time is ever released. :p

    Anyway, I'll have to agree with that ever ambiguous term: technology! With the internet in particular, communication, the sharing of knowledge, and social networking have never been so simple and abundant.

    As far as music and culture in general go, really, there are always diamonds among the soot and dust. But I must say, it is true that what is considered pop music today is some of the least tasteful noise put to tape.
  7. best- movies, and uhhhhhhh well that about it.

    worst- theres a new way for the world to blow up everyday
    everybodys gone broke
    shitty dickhole terrorists
    and worst of all no more new episodes of "Friends":(
  8. I'd say everything has gone downhill from a political/economic Point of view...
    and the only good this as that weed has gotten danker.
  9. look at our president - worst
  10. decade ends at the end of 2010...i woulda waited til then to make this thread.

  11. Did you just say wintersun sucks? :(

  12. i disagree...itrs alright to say mainstream music has fucking find good bands and good music u really gotta look around.,..i mean theres only like 3 or 4 major record labels left...thats almost a monopoly right there...mainstream is more about money than anything...not all artists are willing to sell their music and their souls to the devil for money...there are tons of great bands and music out there now man...u just gotta look around...all the good stuff nobody knows about

    like some of my favorite bands nobody knows...slightly stoopid (even tho tons of stoners know SS) and even one of my favorite genres is pretty much unknown, dubstep
  13. December 8, 2004: Darrell Lance Abbott was shot dead.

  14. I was in band class that day, our band teacher broke down and cried.
  15. Why would you think that? The 1970s ended after 1979, the 1980s ended after 1989, the 1990s ended after 1999. Did they pass a Decade Savings Time act? You might be thinking of the whole "millennium beginning in 2001 because there was no Year 0"...but the decade does indeed end in about two weeks

    Worst thing of the 00s would be 9/11

    The best thing is obviously the Shamwow
  16. even though i disagree with his statement that slightly stoopid is a good band, i agree that music of this past decade has surpassed any decade of music, thanks widely to the internet independently produced music has exploded, thus showing more people to more experiemntal kinds of music and there has been a BOOM in every genre of young people starting bands.

    if it wasn't for the 2000's we wouldn't have things like "ElectroCyberGrind". you might not agree that that's actually good music, but the fact is there is more creativity and forward thinking in music today than in any other decade.

    it started near the end of the nineties when young white kids grew up listening to hip hop, pop, and heavy metal from the 80s, then getting into the indie music scene. that's such a unique background for musicians today. look at artists like Why? Avant Garde Hip Hop, Indie Rock. that genre is pretty much reserved to describe why? the only things that compare, why? had something to do with.

    saying that music has sucked the past 9 years is kind of dumb. mainstream music sucked, yes. but that's because mainstream music is marketed to the masses. and the masses are idiots, who listen to nickleback.

    films are the same way. people say movies of the past 10 years sucked, i say bullshit. some of the best movies of all time have come out in the past 10 years. beautiful pieces of art. much better than anything produced by hollywood. the problem is artists are paid too much today to create commercial garbage.

    if you could say anything about this decade you could say that capitalism has come to bite culture in the ass. commercialism has taken over the most basic things that humans enjoy, art, and turned it into a can of coke, that is only there to be sold. not to be appreciated. see: autotune. something that idiots fall for all the time, occasionally in a remix of a song, a dj can get fucking ill with autotune, but when using a whole album with that shit. that's not talent, it might sound cool the first three times you hear it, but hopefully you've already bought the ring tone. and then that song will be off the charts and replaced by another one that's an octave slower with more profound use of autotune. i don't know about you, but when i look back on my generation i don't want to be remembered for this. i do not want to be remembered for harry potter movies, and little kids losing their shit. i do not want to be remembered for ring tone rap and an economic collapse. but we will be, because in general people don't care about the culture in the united states.

    this is the decade where america sold out completely to the dollar bill.

  17. Hurricane Katrina was pretty bad.
  18. I never said it wasn't

    But it didn't spawn two wars, transform our lives and completely change the political landscape

  19. dude slightly stoopid is the fuckin shit lol

  20. Well whatever, not about to start an argument in this thread about which disaster of this decade was the worst, but the aftermath of hurricane katrina wasn't cleaned up over night.

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