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Best and worst hook ups?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thrawst, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Title says all.

    My best hook up was an ounce of some really good bud for only $110 :D

    Or a free quarter (my last gf)

    Worst hook up? Well I don't let myself get ripped off, so none but I've had a dealer who wanted to sell me 2oz for $725...
  2. best- I got a quarter of trainwreck for $40. That was tight

    worst- got like .4 from a tenner when the guy said it was 1.0, fuck him
    (and no i didnt look i picked it up and he handed it to my friend and i drove off)
  3. got ripped $20 on unmentionables today, should have known better was just sleep deprived and needing something to get me going.i rember getting some pretty nice Q's for $35 back in the day.
  4. best:Well i got .5 g of Purple haze for $2 once off this girl, it was pretty Mid's but for $2 who can argue? I was hainging out with my friend and it was out of the blue... so i said why not?
    I seshed with my brother who bought a dutch and rolled up a blunt(i dident know how to roll back then) and got pretty wavy for like 2 hours.

    Worst Hookup:Bought .6g of OG KUSH for $15... i heard it was pretty dank but it was just mids, i dont buy off this dealer anymore because he sells the skimpest bags out there.
  5. uhhh...
    1 Zip/300
    2 Zips/650
    3 Zips/1000
    4 Zips/1400

    as for worse, just 400/zip, but I usually get 400/zip so... FML

    Fuck NY

  6. What's zip mean, i live in New york aswell. Yeah the bud is pretty expensive, but in east new york down by brooklyn bud is pretty cheap.
  7. I haven't had too many connects since I was my own connect for awhile...but the best deal is 100/oz from my buddy who grows up north....and its FIRE gentleman :) I've never had bad deals but I do know some guys that will sell you 3 Gs flat for me that's a rip...not 3.6 or 3.1....3.0....maybe we're just spoiled here in so cal haha
  8. Zip is an Ounce. I dont live in NYC, live near albany.
  9. girlfriend gave me a quarter of gran daddy purp for my birthday AND a sick vape to go with it. great chick :D

  10. How come the prices of ounces range so far apart? You get some for 300, some for 1200, some for 1600? Is new york really this bad?
    Albany, man i been down there too many surious business men and such. Just not my scene.
  11. #11 Oceanic, Nov 23, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2011
    He's talking about one being 300 and two being 650, etc. Two zips would be two ounces. What I don't understand is how on earth the price goes up the more you buy LOL. 3 zips for 1,000 if you buy in bulk? What?

    Anyways, side question: Whats it like scoring bud in NYC? Are there like "street" dealers or do you go to a friends apartment and get it or what? NYC is different from every other city, so I figure the bud scene will be different too.

    And to answer OP, I've never had any off the chain extraordinary hook ups besides the standard price breaks with weight, a few dealers were maybe a hundred or so cheaper than others but nothing special. I consider a good hook up to be someone that delivers the best in the area, and always has it coming, and easy to deal with. I really miss some of the people I used to deal with awhile back
  12. Well i got some street dealers, and some dealers who sell from their apartments.
    Thing is, all my dealers are pretty much friends with me.
    New York isent that bad as people say it is.
  13. That doesn't make one bit of sense. The more you buy, the more of a price break. Are you daffy, child?
  14. The best hook up is growing. The rewards are unbeatable.

    but, in sales:
    The best time I was ever hooked up was by a man I never expected. It was fabulous marijuana and I got a half ounce at a fabulous price of $120. Not only was that one of my favorite buds, the price has since been unbeatable when buying in such a "small" amount.

    worst hook up was probably a time when I was getting a quarter ounce. The dude told me it would cost $80 for him to buy it, and so I threw in a $10 tip for driving. Turns out it actually cost him $60 to go get it. $90 for a quarter of rather wonderful marijuana isn't terrible, but when I found out about a year later I was like, "oh, tight."
    He even took my tip. Like, what the hell?
    I wasn't personal with him, but I'd smoked with him and had smoked him out, he smoked me out.
    But hell, that's not terrible. Some people have really gotten fucked over. Worse that happened to me smoking related was either the time I got a bong robbed from me or the time I got a quarter ounce confiscated. Fortunately, no charges were filed and I wasn't in any trouble. I really appreciated that, honestly. Especially since it has happened twice.
  15. Well, i meant the best prices ive ever gotten. Im usually paying 400 each or around there.

  16. Why don't you just buy 1 ounces, you'll be saving money and if its something about ur dealer just buy them on seperate days.
  17. haha i think i confused people. He's been selling at 400 for each O. Its just that mad long ago the best price I got on one from him was 300. I've been copping 3 for 1100-1150 normally. But i used to get QPs for 1400. But i havent had the money to get QPs anymore.

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