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Best and Biggest Yielding Autos?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by masterjazztime, May 12, 2011.

  1. Quite a statement. I agree to some extent however on a personal level i've had great success with certain auto flowering strains.
  2. Jesus. Only 130 days? Damn that sucks. I pull off anywhere from 180-195 and still am above the 35th parallel... Of course I live in a very special place that I am surprised is not infested with growers..
  3. All weed has ditch weed genetics. I am pretty sure it all started growing in ditches. Even ditch weed given enough time and selective development could compete with modern varities.
  4. I am less then 5 minutes away from wet feet in the Pacific ( walking).. I only have that many days the relative humidity is below a constant 80% :(

    BTW it is the 45th that is the strt of pain to grow ..not 35th (which is below Emerald Triangle BTW.. ....LA is 34.5 N.) on the west coast..
  5. ontario seeds bank iranian indica is good

  6. my friend got a pound outdoor with super cali haze auto its insane but instead of being 70 days to harvest its like 100 cause its sativa dominatn
  7. looking at attitude seed bank to order from, thinking about ordering some auto's from there.

    anyone try their stuff?
  8. I have tried several autos and alot of short flowering regulars and have yet too see what i call a high yield from an auto. Because 1: most autos veg for 18 days to max 4 weeks,if not the new sativadominant autos have longer veg..
    So the roots stop growing aproximatly 1-3weeks after going into bloom and with that said the roots and the amount of medium they grow in cant grow more rapidly than so so.. and if they flower for more than 5-7weeks (just blooming) like the new sativa and haze autos they can get bigger but i doubt about how much.
    And most autopics are taken with nothing regular sized to compare the size and buds too. So even a nug can look huge. Two: they capitalistic as many seedsellers are many take photos of regular plants and state they are auto.

    Tried autoberry,greenomatic,grassomatic max,pakistan ryder wos, northern storm auto and friends that have grown alot of lowryder dwarf crosses and sensi ruderalis skunk.

    Im going to check out more new auto genetics in a little while and want too add that. Greenhouse has made a kalashnikova auto,the reg pulled out over 1300g wet but very dense buds in a greenhousevideo.

    Tried to take cuttings of various autos and they all behaved the same. Ex: u loose a budsite on the main auto that could give more yield on it and the cuttings make some tiny tiny roots and go straight to flower,they never revegged in my experiments. Insted i got a lollipop stem with a nug weighing in at about 1-2 dry grams. At least the autoberry is the tastiest fruity plant i have ever smoked and smelled out off over 100strains photo and nonphoto i have grown or witnessed grown. Far better and actually more frosty too than the real blueberry from dutch passion.
    But yield is low but if u are vegging some reg seeds in a room and still have space and 55-80days planned veg i would add some good autos too dry and cure while waiting for the regulars too be done flowering.

    And back too the best yielding autos i tried it was by far grassomatic max(a critical mass x big bud xak47 auto hybrid. Alot of branches and three times the yield of greenomatic and pakistan ryder. Good quality too.
    Still i belive sprouting photodependant seeds and vegging for 1-3 weeks gives more yield than the autos i tried.
    Ex: if u want a plant to take the least time ever to grow for example try a 5,5-6,5week flower strain like hashplant or top44 or burmese kush or something. The buku and the top44 actually grew faster than the autos and yielded more. Top44 aint a connoussier strain at all,its plain and simple and works but takes just 42-44days flowering. The buku fem was great quality but not a heavy yielder either.
    But remember even big bud and critical and big yielder like those still need 8-9weeks veg at least too yield impressivly..

    In the end i want too try the new big bud auto,auto seeds autopounder,autoseeds hijack, ultra lemon haze auto, super cali haze auto, big bomb auto,thc bomb auto, big bang auto of greenhouse and more attempts with the grassomatic max.
    In my experience all short stuff autos are really small compared too ex: grassomatic max.
    Nirvana autos suck and are not relieable in my opinion.
    Short stuff had a higher male % than fem on their reg autos.
    Kannabia white domina was bullshit,not a auto like stated and not the best out of crossing two top notch couchlockers like black domina and white rhino..

    Hope this has helped somone and sorry if my opinions and experiences has made anyone angry. Im no weed encyclopedia but have alot of experience on this topic and only say my personal meanings.
    Peace and love.
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    Ive harvested 2+ oz per plant from every auto sold by paradise seeds. The pandora has been 2.5 to 3oz every time. Check out the auto grow in my sig for pics of the pandora. Whiteberry also yielded me 3oz per plant.

    Paradise is highly over looked imo. Prices as good as nirvana or greenhouse with much more stable and homogenous genetics.
  10. Ok. Sounds fine. Didnt know paradise too had started with autos. I have only heardndisappointed customer rewievs from paradise earlier and have because of that stayed away from them as many have stated they often go hermie. Many says they dont reach their statements and they have said or written themselves that they sell f1 crosses of fems and therefore aint stable and u can get ex: 4 phenotypes that dont grow uniform and yield and taste even like clones can do.
    Actually u are the first person i hear that is satisfied with them but i always take growreports and criticism with a pinch of salt as i think many disappointed growers are novice and speak about errors that may be a revenge not willing to admit it is a grower error or nute/light stress!! :) so the 2,5 to 3 oz u mention is it totally dry weight and cured. And what size containers have u found to eork best and medium? And last but not least what lightsource on how many plants and actual wattagedraw?? I got 3 new leds im gonna try longside alot of different digital hps lights. One 6band 240 (or 80 x3)w led 3w chips,one 216 or72x3w and one ufo 135w or 45x 3wchips.. i think the 216 will do better than the 240 panel because of the lenseangle and the placing of the leds in it:) but since i dont trust leds that much yet i will have 2x600w hps and 2x250w hps and a 400w hps or hpi/mh bulp to company the three different grows:) btw i cant find your auto videos u mentioned ???
    Thanx in advance. Peace n love and kiss the sky for me please ;)
  11. How about auto pounder

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  12. Buddha seeds Syrup is really nice and It yield just over 3 Oz in 70days there purple Kush is alright not as good , Demois is there big one but they now have a Magnum strain that's suppose to be a monster yet to try it though.
    how big does that sucker get to yield that full 3 oz?
  14. The super Cali haze who's the breeder behind it ? ive never seen that as an auto ?
  15. Icewater: Thanx ill check in to the magnum and the demios.
    Legalizeit: yeah the autopounder will be ordered today or tomorrow along with the others i decide for. I believe in autopounder and have considered ot for a long time. And i think i will try greenhouse big bang auto too. Plus i want too try thc bomb auto and autobomb
  16. She was as wide as she was tall haha and super dense height was around 3 and a half feet tall and probably close to 3 feet wide all see if I can find the pics I took of her .
  17. The Demois is a northern lights strain really niice I've seen three different phenos of it and found my favourtie to be the biggest phenol of it really nice and green sweet and skunky smell covered in crystals .
  18. Dutch Passion's auto Mazar is another heavy yielder pretty stinky also grow really wide and around 3 and a half feet tall from what I have seen . I also liked Dp Blueberry finished really fast and was solid dense nugs with a purple tint in some of the plants .  Really tastes like blueberry's haha
  19. Anyone heard or seen the thinkdiffrent or something auto genetic that dutchpassion has written about??
    I saw some pics and it was so big that i have hard to believe its a auto!

    I have gottn somewhere between 12-13 dried grams of one plant once in buds in a grow in dwc under 400w hps but i vegged it for 3months first from seed and it outgrew my closet. It was a australian blue from homegrowfantaseeds 90% sativa and the buds got rockhard like a indica.
    That makes me doubt a auto can produce 100-300g pr plant in just 60-100days!
    But i really hope its possible and true. :)

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