Best and Biggest Yielding Autos?

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  1. I'm limited on space in my new apartment and am looking to do an auto grow. I don't want a sh*tty small yielding plant and i want a nice smoke.
    Any and all suggestions are welcomed, preferably something other than Lowryders, i've only had bad experiences with those bad boys.

    Thanks for stopping by! :smoke:
  2. I've read good things about this new strain Auto Bomb - Autoflowering cannabis seeds from Bomb Seeds. Apparently it's a big yielder and a nice clean smoke.

    I'd stay away from Nirvana auto's they've been having some issues with the seeds not autoflowering which isn't ideal if your buying an autoflowering strain!
  3. Mdanzig Sour60 has a nice yield. You can pick it up on the tude.
  4. I only have room for dwarf autos but if I had some space then I'd like to try something from Sweet seeds, thier non-auto strains are amazing :smoke:
  5. Super Cali Haze is a big Auto

    Number 1 is a big Auto

    Nirvana Sky is a big Auto

    Critical +Auto is supposed to be a big auto

    HAppy growing man!

  6. not sure what u consider a big pull for an auto but I have a friend that got close to 2 oz. from a critical+ auto and the smoke was pretty nice.far as buzz the onyx wasnt bad at all for me.good luck.
  7. Super Cali Haze - Short Stuff Seeds

    Would be the highest yielding auto flower around at the moment... Up to 300g per plant (at 2 metres tall)...

  8. yeah ? I still want to see pics...

    I have yet to see an auto break a QP, let alone a half pound...

  9. I like the sound of the Auto Bomb and i'm familiar with THC Bomb from threads on here. Has anyone had any experience with Bomb Seeds genetics? I can see Attitude are stocking them!!??

    I've heard good things about the Critical + Auto. Have Nirvana sorted there sh*t out? I heard they are auto flowering??
  10. Cant go wrong with the lowryder x ak-47

  11. I grew a Super Cali Haze for almost 130 days and pulled a little more than 2 ounces dry from that one plant. I was almost 6' tall but it was good weed.

  12. ^ Is that all? 2 ounces?

  13. Sad, isn't it??? :(
  14. Yeah, for 130 days i'd at least want 150g MIN
  15. shit, 130 days, that is pretty much my entire outdoors season..should of just flowered a haze @ 30 days

    I will say this about autos ..they have come along ways.. I use em to take up extra space in the veg room ( I got this hang up about wasting light in my grows, and the Tude seems to send me just enough UFO autos..), the potency has been improving steadily IMHO. and rather then weight, it seem most breeders are focusing on density, which will eventually (fingers crossed) lead to increased yields .

    the Il Diavlo I got, is some damn good smoke, it even has "legs" which is something I normally find lacking in autos.

  16. Mi5 outdoors uk (I harvested her before most peole photo strain had shown pre flowers ;) )

    Nirvana sky - greenhouse uk

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  17. If you get a chance, take a shot at WOS Pakistan Ryder.

    It is the picture in my signature.

    It knocked my ass into the dirt everytime I smoked it. It grew pretty well considering it spent most of it's life under 26w CFL bulbs. If I were buying an auto, I would get it again or it's sister the Afghan Kush

    My two cents!

  18. I've used both WOS Pakistan and Afghan ryder, I have liked both. I used to hate most auto strains but they are really coming along now :)
  19. sweet

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