Best alternative to starting a seedling indoors?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by FourLeaf, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Im going to be guerrilla growing soon and my only problem seems to be growing the germinated seeds long enough so they can withstand direct sunlight out the the forest. My orginal plan was to make an indoor setup out of a nightstand using a fan blowing in and a fan sucking out with two CFL bulbs, but im not exactly sure if I can get away with that. So, I need find atleast a relatively equally as good alternative to this. The only substitutions i could find were either leave them by a window shelf for 2-3 weeks then planting in my site, constructing a small green house in the forest and poking small holes and opening it once a day for ventilation, or making a box of chicken wire or something to go over my potted seedlings in a shaded area in the forest. As of now the average temp. at night is 50F, but by the time they would be put out as germ. seeds it will be around 62-65F. Which one of these ideas would be better (or good at all) given my conditions? Any better suggestions would be nice.
  2. Why not just plant them in the woods? You don't really need to start them inside.
  3. wouldnt planting them directly in the forest make them more likely not to survive? I only have 6 quality seeds
  4. Not if you plant once the last frost has past and you can keep an eye on your plot, just keep the sprouts out of reach of rabbits and deer until they can handle themselves

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