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  1. Last night me and my friends used hot tea instead of cold bong water. It worked unbelievably well. You get hot flavored water vapor with every hit that makes you not even feel the 18" of chalky logger that just entered your lungs. Usually I'll rip that bong and cough my balls off but with hot tea it was just amazing. I highly recommend it!!!
  2. Wow, i've never heard that one before. I'll definitely have to try that. I usually use water and ice cubes which cool the hit that much more and make it less harsh. You have any trouble cleaning that tea out of your bong?
  3. Ive used everclear grain alcohol in my bong and it faded my colors on my acrylic bong an even cracked it at some points :(
  4. Just don't add any sugar or anything to the tea. It actually cleans your bong out a bit. But I hot tea makes the hits infinitly less harsh, I mean the results are amazing. You'll never waste your time with ice again..
  5. i never smoke with water outta mine i either use: sprite remix,grape juice, mountain dew, and my fav orange soda i put ice in all of them and it sends u a cold yummy treat but yes its a bitch to clean becuz it does get sticky but its worth it

  6. duuude....that would piss me the fuck off...

    i would probably pout in the corner somewhere...
  7. Yeah I was soo fking pissed...I left everclear in my bong overnight when some friends and I went to this beach hotel just to party...its still a good piece though...just doesnt look as tight :(

  8. mmm, indeed. thats a good one.
  9. I wouldn't use any alcohol in my bong. It absorbs THC and unless your planning on drinking the bong water its a waste, and bong water is nasty. One time when i was playing asswhole i made my frined drink the bong water :), it was a good joke, but i have an ash catcher so it wasn't like he was drinking ash water. And i only made him drink a shot glass worth. He was dry heiving for like 5 mins afterwards.

    Hot tea sounds intresting, i would like to try it. Maybe ice tea. I like my bong hits to be nice and cold. I have a two foot bong with an ice catcher and i normally put like a tray of ice cubes in it, ahhh so cold. But if the bong water itself is cold i find it to be diffucult to clear, the smoke seems to stick on top of water.
  10. Tried that hot tea lastnight with a few of my friends. it was peach flavored green tea. actually tastes pretty nice. initially when you first clear the bong its a bit of a shock because the air is so hot, but it feels good on your throat. Personally, I always like my hits to be ice cold, so i'll stick to ice for now. But next time i'm sick, hot tea and a bong is my new remedy.
  11. My friend Steve-O and I just the other night took out four lime popsicles, melted them, boiled them and then put it into the bong. Lime bud. It's crazy. :-D Sorta nasty to clean out, so use a home made or something. Moo.
  12. Gatorade is probably my favorite thing to put into bongs. MmMmMm delicious.
  13. i love to hit an iced way to go, the hits are soooo smooth
  14. You'd really be amazed by how much really hot water (such as tea) can make your hits so smooth. The hot water vapor makes it so you dont even feel the smoke. By the way roor, we've been ripping tea bongs with a RooR, is that what you tried it with?

    Ice is nice, but really hot water will surprise you with results.
  15. Yeah, steam really does a nice job of making the smoke smoother.
  16. I have a friend, that whenever we smoke, he always packs water and ice into the bong, and, as everyone else has said, it makes the hits veeeeerrry smooth. The longest hit i ever took, was off of an iced bong. Very Nice
  17. melon bong with the scooped out melon mixed with ice and put into a food processor.

    And Absinthe with crushed ice.
  18. what about iced tea....
  19. The key part is it being as hot as possible. The hot steam makes the hit infinitly more smooth then an ice cold hit!!!!

    You guys are all straying into ice water :D

    Hot! Hot! Hot!

  20. But don't you think that the hot water vapor your inhaling would make you get a smaller hit. plus i thought heat was supposed to close your lungs and thats why its better to run in the winter.

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