Best all in 1 portable vaporizer?

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  1. I am wondering what portable vaporizer is the best for all around purposes (aka able to use ecig juice, dry herbs, waxes, oils, concentrates, etc.) I don't really care about the size,shape, and price or if I have to buy extra tanks or parts I just really want a quality item that is able to do use all of these relatively well. I also would prefer if it was button controlled rather than continuous heating (like the pinnacle pro) because I may not want to use all of my e-juice or oil in one go. Also, I know it may be a lot to ask from an all in 1 vaporizer but I would prefer if it did not combust herbs, tastes pretty good, makes good clouds, and was on the cooler side(heat settings maybe?) I'm relatively new to vaporizers and grasscity forums in general so I am not really sure of the capabilities or limitations that any given item has! (I have tried to do research myself but have not been that successful. There are just so many conflicting reviews on any given item so I wanted to go to just regular everyday users) 
    Thanks for any help i can get!  :D

  2. Nothing good does all three.
  3. Get a stand alone vaporizer for herbs. All herb vaporizers and attachments really just burn the herbs.
    As for the pen, go for a variable voltage ego style battery and get some ejuice tanks (I recommend the mini protank 3) and get a glass globe wax attachment, or something similar. 
  4. handles them all and does it well.
  5. lol does it well
  6. Personally I am not a big concentrates guy myself but from what I've seen and read it performs better than any multipurpose device that I know of. I was just trying to be helpful to have folks explore different opinions. There is not one negative post over on FC with the concentrates performance of the Haze. If it sucks so bad it would have shown up there I'm sure.
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    Really?   How 'bout this one from DasBlunt.  Didn't read the whole Haze thread but there may be more.     (Sorry for the black background.   Just happens with I cut and past from FC.)  
    i just spent 250.00 + on one, plus accessories, so the unusable unit without the mouthpiece, is extremely disturbing. i sure hope they have a fix in the pipeline for everyone, not just beta testers.
    After the lengthy and wasteful of raw wax learning curve, it is an awesome unit. 

    But, the mouthpiece sticking from resin in the bottom, and having to keep the mouthpiece separate, is a really big issue for me.

    There are MULTIPLE other major quirks. 

    1. Cannot turn unit off without closing draw tube area. In the middle of a session, i have to turn the heat to 1 light, to pause, without complete shutdown and disassembly ( draw tube gets stuck). 

    solution= needs one more push option on the button, to off.

    2. Battery compartment opens unexpectedly.

    3. Draw area opens unexpectedly.

    4. Carts are clumsy and look fragile after months of use. lots of parts to loose.

    5. Already broke one draw tube from being stuck and removing. 

    6. multiple issues with draw tube being stick aft we cleaning and then only one session makes it stuck again.

    7. unit gets really hot to touch with oil, draw stays cool.

    8. can see a red wire inside unit from the cart area. Very surprising as the rest of the machine looks "Ferrari" perfect.

    9. Leaks oil. unless u use the smallest amount, it leaks and wastes. the cotton is good for thicker wax, but oil just bubbles out if the machine is tipped sideways.

    10.......the fact that i had to write all this........

    An almost 300 purchase.....i would have hoped it was not so half baked being able to buy it and looking so slick.
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    Yes I saw this and I have read the whole thread. The mouthpiece issue is well documented and something Haze is working on. I think we all wish it would come out easier but it's not a deal breaker and there are several solutions to work around it. As for having to keep it horizontal with concentrates, yes, that is a gripe too. Not sure if Haze is working on this one. However my comments were directed on how it PERFORMS with concentrates, not other gripes about the device.
    Many devices have a learning curve to achieve optimal performance and many devices have quirks that keep it from being "perfect". This poster themselves highlights that the device is an "awesome unit", despite all his wishes to make it better. Folks should never take one persons opinion in making their decision on a new vaporizer. Everyone has different needs and priorities. I was simply trying to provide an option to look at.
  9. "Not one negative post"... I think lwien proved that assumption wrong... It sucks at concentrates compared to vaporizers that are actually designed for concentrates.
    He didn't even state it as an assumption, PH.   He stated it as fact.
  11. Ok guys, my apologies on how it was written. I happen to think the Haze is a pretty nice device. It's one of many that I like.

    I don't have enough experience with concentrates in general to comment on how it compares. It seems to me that most of the comments of FC regarding the performance with concentrates were positive. Sorry if I stated it as fact.

    The title of this thread is best all in 1 portable not best portable for wax performance so I thought the Haze was a good one to suggest. It has its flaws as many (including myself) have pointed out but I am unaware for of a better multipurpose device for the money.

    You guys seem to have different opinions on the Haze which is cool too. To each their own.

    What other device would you suggest that does everything the OP asked? W9 gear?

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