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Best 2 days of my life

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Mr Skinner, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I just went out of hash just to discover that my dealer had gone on holiday. And since it's summer, all the other dealers I know are on vacation, now I've been dry for 2 days...and I tell you: Those were the best 2 days of my life! I've been stoned daily for a couple of years now. But suddenly I can see clearly what's going on around me. I sleep better. I have dreams. Hell, I think I'm never gonna smoke again!
  2. yeah its good to have a nice "refresh" of reality...try not smoking for like a month or 2 then smoke a huge joint...its oh so sweet
  3. Well not a month but maybe just a few days or a week. The thing I like about doing this is that you get high alot more. I use to smoke ALL the time and at one point it seemed like it wasn't even effecting me anymore.
  4. You sleep better without weed?

    Damn, I can hardly sleep unless I'm high.

  5. Same here, I lay in bed for hours, but if I'm high I just doze off...
  6. Weed is expensive and hard to get here. So I very rarely get high. But when I do...I enjoy it so much. :D
  7. ^^^

    You live in Antartica or something? You should be able to find trees in any residential area or big city within a few hours, regardless of if you know anyone or not.

    Get your head out there man, find some good connects. :D
  8. 5 weeks and counting...its been good but now im to the point where enough is enough, its time to take a puff
  9. 4mo and counting ;) -- 2 more months and then Ill celebrate.

    oh and btw, ever since I quit smoking, I goto bed between midnight and 4am, and Always wake up at 1230 in the morn and have amazing dreams... when I got stoned I dreamed, but they were much less involved, it was that relaxation thing.

    if you want a good refresher, take about 4 days, or if your a heavy smoker, cut back to maybe a joint a day -- you'll feel much more energized in the mornings, or so Ive found

  10. 5 months going on 6.

    It's hella stronger when you take long breaks, innit?

    I wish I could pack a nug in my bubbler and smoke the living shit out of it right now.

  11. Meh too, I think I have an insomnia thing that ive had all my life.
  12. Did you belive what I wrote? Noone here to detect the ironi? Did you really think i'm enjoying this? I mean...I can have fun without weed but IT'S SO MUCH MORE FUN WITH WEED.

    No I don't sleep better without weed! And I definitely can do without those weird, sick fucking dreams!

    Shame on you. ALL you
  13. If i smoke hash before i goto bed i wake up the next morning feeling like shit...just weed though isnt a just makes me really tired if i smoke at night....
  14. haha mr skinner is hard, had me fooled
  15. After i finish this eighth im gonna take a 2-3 week break and save my money for phish in vermont.
  16. I love smoking at night, its my favorite time to smoke. I think it is much more calm at night, there are more places you can enjoy smoking at. I really like late night smoking!

  17. ditto
  18. I could go forever without having a hoot, it s just the insomnia that gets me, unless i have a hoot later on b4 i go to bed im lucky if i fall asleep b4 5 oclock in tha morn. its harsh. plus i find for some reason if i dont get my night toke i get really depressed, i just wanna off myself. Weed is so much better than perscription drugs. I have social anxiety, and i have this zoloft shit, but weed does so much more for me.
  19. does anyone ever actually quit? people talk about it, but unless you have a good reason - do you ever quit entirely? i thought about it and it seems that nobody ever stops smoking entirely unless they have a good reason.
  20. Finally...someone got it...this is about NOT quitting!!!!

    Still...I do know some who actually quit...but late at night, when they're a bit drunk...they don't turn down a J!

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