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Besst time to get high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by viberate, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. What do you perfer? At night when your tired, mid aftertoon when your exhausted from work, When your energy is blasted?
  2. Mid afternoon, around 3PM - 4PM. Its when i get back from school, and its nice to just relax and stop stressing about all the bullshit that doesnt matter :smoke:

    If i feel like it, i will take a few hits at night also
  3. after a workout like after i get home from the gym and no ones home ;) all sore and tired slip into some comfortable chillout clothes and light a bowl:smoke:
  4. Now. And now. Once again, I'll go with now.
  5. later afternoon usually works great for me , something about first thing in the morning usually just doesn't work for me dunno why
  6. Any time is a good time to get high :D
  7. early morning wake n bake. Nothing better than waking up and immediately taking bong rips.
  8. This.

  9. 1 in the morning
  10. Afternoon/evening. I'm going to be starting work soon, and maybe will be smoking joints on my way home. That would be pure bliss.
  11. Pretty much anytime but I lvoe to wake and bake when i have the oppurtunity and also like an hour before i go to sleep i get the best sleep that way and i can just relax for the rest of the night best feeling in the world.
  12. Morning. Recently when I was home from school (snowday) I decided to toke up while it was snowing. It was beautiful, the big chunks of snowflakes falling from the sky... I ran out bearfoot in my pajamas in the snow and was gleaming with happiness. It burned like hell, but it was definitely worth it.

  13. i would have never guessed someone was going to put this in here

    i would say in the morning right when i liberate myself from work when i'm all sore, tired and sleepy. ahhhhh so relaxing...
  14. Well, I like to smoke early in the morning if I don't have much to do that day. Otherwise, when I am done with my day or right before bed is my favorite time to burn.
  15. depends on my schedule...

    if i have the day off.. wake n bake.. and continue all day

    if i have to play sports at night.. ill wait till after.. (unless its a practice sometimes)

    if i dont have to get up early.. i like staying up late.. more peaceful at night.

    normal work day: take a few rips b4 work possibly.. then blaze immediatly after work.

    school: no weed till after everything is done for the day... homework, lunch made, ready for the next day..
  16. Either in the AM when my moms not home (and I don't work) or at night. But I can honestly smoke whenever. I smoke cigs so I can just go in my garage and smoke a bowl and they won't ask any questions. After work is always awesome, or after working out ;)
    This is honestly one of the reasons why I prefer bud over alcohol, you can literally smoke where ever,whenever.
  17. Whenever I finish all the days tasks, so I can unwind.
  18. Whenever you alone, and dont have much to do. Thats the best time to get high. Nice, peaceful, relaxing by yourself.

    Oh and always at night, an hour before you go to sleep. I just love to chill on my recliner, watch tv, smoke a bowl, and chill the fuck out.
  19. All day everyday.

    In all seriousness though, my favorite time to get high is early evening. Although I'll smoke any time of day, that seems to be the most relaxing.

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