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Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Little Wing, May 27, 2003.

  1. The universe is the area of all existence or something (really stoned, listen lisent).

    So what I wonder is... What if there is something of existance other then the universe. So theres a huge area that matter exists and that matter abides to certain laws of physics.

    What if there also exists a big marshmellow land filled with midgets and candycanes? No... kidding...

    What if there is something of existance besides what we can possibly know. What if there is an unfathomable dimension our minds can't comprehend. To me it seams quite likely. If theres a huge random space fileld with matter... who knows what else may be.

    And no, I don't think there is some super dude chilling up in the sky that knows everything and rules the world.
  2. did i ever get round to posting my cyclic-multiverse theory thread?

    no midgets and candy cains as a dominant part of the theory... but maybe i hadnt thought it through far enough ;) lol
  3. I think of it this way, fish only know their "aquatic" universe and aside from a few select species that travel on land for short distances, their whole existence extends only where there is water.

    We're the fish, the universe is the water (and then some thanks to logic, awareness and telescopes) but who's fishtank are we in?

  4. but there is such "unknown" worlds. no bear with me that this is only (partly at least) speculation.

    this unknown is not outside our universe. seeing as the universe is all there is, nothing can be outside it. however the universe is more than the 4 dimensions we live in (space and time). for quantum mechanics to work, you may need as many as 10 dimensions. maybe even more. recently extra dimentions, quant-mech, superstrings and dark matter have been released as a single theory, giving some exciting new possibilities.

    for example, according to einstein, to travel at light speed would require infinite energy to achieve. however, there could also be the reverse, namely that (dark) particles in higher dimension might need infinite energy to *slow* down to light speed.

    if we could hook up to those (dark) particles we could briefly transport ourselfselves in extra-dimensional space, and when we release them, we will end up in our own dimensions, but a completely other place, seemingly travelling faster than light.

    so there might be a paralell existence, but it's the same universe as ours, only in higher dimensions.

    thinking about all this gives me a ticklish sort of headache...
  5. The universe is not the container of all existence. As much as we are in one solar system in this universe, we are in one universe in space.

    There are trillions (something like that) of solar systems in this universe, there are trillions (potentially) of universes in space, they are forming and collapsing or spreading out all the time. There may be a finiet amount of Universes at one time but there is an infinte amount of possible universes.
  6. thinking about all this gets my juices flowing.

    yay! someone else here who subscribes to a multiverse theory!

  7. I find it harder to believe we'r the only universe, it's like when mankind used to think we were the only planet, and that the sun revolved around us. Just silliness.

  8. that's presicely it!

    because we dont know about something we asume it does not exist.

    ultimate dumb logic.
  9. multi universes doesn't really answer anything the way i see it. i've read many interesting theories about both multi-universes and branching-universes. still none of them have given a plausible reason for *this* universe. and seeing as this universe still baffles us, with a host of unanswered questions, it's still a bit premature to extend existence into several universes.

    as far as this skepticism towards other universes is the same thing as previous skepticism of other planets / solar systems, i'd have to disagree. as soon as man had the means to prove their claims of more than one sun / planet, eventually the religious dogma that dictated otherwize was overturned.

    there is simply no dogma today that says we know absolutely that there is only one universe. there is however no known means of observing directly or indirectly other universerses or the impact they may or may not have on the one we do know exist.

    therefore any multi-universe theory is only speculation.

  10. nope nope nope. :D

    this world still baffles us, yet we explore space through astronomy. this 'uni'verse baffles us yet we can still explore alternate possabilities on the grander picture through physics and other extremes of science (even fiction?).

    it may not be a religious dogma, but there are plenty old physicists who quite firmly state that there is nothing beyond our universe. their only real explanation for such is about as inteligent as when we all thought that humans we created to look like god and that earth was the center of the universe!

    sure, it is speculative, but none more so that the alternate veiwpoint. it's not entirely speculative conjecture though... it's not like scientists just looked at it for a second then said "quantum fairies and superstring midgets... thats what did it". There is alot of complex maths, logic, reasoning and so on behind all the theories.
  11. I read this article that just pointed out the odds of identical planets/solar systems etc. The size of the universe makes it very possible for the same exact permutaitons to occur in two places. So there may be another earth with another littlewing typing this exact same message. Who knows?

    I keep finding this thread when too stoned to speak... maybe I'll stumble upon it tommorow before smoking myself retarded.
  12. damn i wanna live in candyland and eat marshmellows... sorry kinda high!

  13. and if we take the whole chaos thing to its extreme conclusion, there are billions and trillions and zillions and googles of littlewings typing the same thing, all just outside our range of perception.
  14. I am curious as to what science will uncover as my life progresses.
  15. nano bots, quantum computers, a cure for nearly everything (cannabis), universes within universes, new social sciences.
  16. i can't even begin to speculate upon what science will bring us next. only 60 years ago computers were nothing but an engineers wet dream, and today they are everywere making possible the plague of modern society, the cell phone. amongst others.

    i can't wait tho. and i hope they find a cure for cancer, maybe som killer nano-buts that are lead into your bloodstream and zap the cancers whilst they are real small.

    oh, and hovercars. i want one of those :)

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