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Besides The Union, what else do I need?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by kjkjogoug, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. My mom found my bong again. I thought last time she accepted it. She's trying to send me to an NA meeting and told my dad. I want to show her The Union. Are all the facts that I need in there? Or do you think I should print out a couple more things?
  2. You could show them some articles too; just google it
  3. Don't show.em.the union, its too biased and they won't believe it, even if it is true
  4. Take her downtown and show her some meth/crackheads.
  5. Show her my List! You can take the easy way and just click that first link in my sig to get the 2010 version at GC. But that leaves you open to parental snooping! :eek:

    Or for the more up to date 2012 version, send me an email- mine is at the bottom of my sig. I'll send you a PDF that you can show them. Just sit Mom and Dad down, bring up the List and ask them to "just read the titles"! The List is 840 pages long! ;)

    For a few print ups, start here-

    When Your Kid Smokes Pot (news – 2008) by an ex drug counselor :rolleyes:

    When Your Kid Smokes Pot | MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory

    WebMD is a totally reputable site- :)

    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults (news - 2010)
    Teen Pot Smoking Won't Lead to Other Drugs as Adults

    Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn't Damage Brain (news – 2003)
    Heavy Marijuana Use Doesn't Damage Brain

    Marijuana Smoking Doesn't Kill
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana Smoking Doesn't Kill[/FONT]

    Scientific American is well known-

    Are Cigarettes More of a Drag on Teens than Marijuana? (news - 2007)
    Are Cigarettes More of a Drag on Teens than Marijuana?: Scientific American

    There's a LOT more in my List, just waiting for you to find!

    Granny :wave:
  6. Oh, so you're the granny that I hear about! Haha, I saw a PDF of one of your lists, I'll go look at it now, Thanks!
  7. Yes, the granny of legend and Anglo-Saxon myth. The elusive and semi-omnipotent, the messianic, the divining..... that very one
  8. ya granny's amazing she always blows our minds
  9. You know your mother more than any of us here.

    My mom refuses to believe that there is any more use to cannabis other than recreation and treatment for cancer patients.

    If you mom is like mine and doesn't respond or believe in scientific studies other than bogus biased ones then don't even bother. Just learn from your mistakes and get more stealthy with a vaporizer.
  10. The Union, Grannys List and this [ame=]Medical Cannabis and Its Impact on Human Health a Cannabis Documentary - YouTube[/ame] is what I used.

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